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Going it alone doesn’t need to be as challenging as it sounds

21 Sep 2017

While it’s true that every entrepreneur will face challenges when starting-up, contrary to popular belief, ‘going it alone’ doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it on your own.

IoD 99 is designed to bring together talent from all industries to create a peer-to-peer environment where the community can swap war stories, learn from each other’s mistakes, and have a much needed support network there every step of the way.

We sat down with Heather Carr, Managing Director of Ten Minutes More Limited, to find out exactly how the IoD 99 has helped her overcome her challenges since joining the community in Belfast two years ago...

Infographic charting 99er Heather Carr's journey through the IoD 99 membership

After joining IoD 99, Heather was surrounded with a peer-group and network willing to help, and with the additional safety net of the IoD, stood by her during every step of her journey to scaling up.

The IoD 99 supports members through a tailored selection of benefits designed to scale their start-ups; ranging from research sessions on anything from investment to product research, access to 18 IoD hubs and working spaces from Exeter to Edinburgh, access to 600+ events each year covering all topics of business growth, networking opportunities with 30,000+ business leaders, as well as the awesome network of 1,800+ fellow entrepreneurs.

Read Heather's full testimonial of the IoD 99 here!

Are you facing challenges on your journey to scaling up?

Take a look at how we can help you overcome your challenges by visiting or alternatively why not give one of our relationship managers a call to talk specifics on 020 7766 8888

You’ve taken the leap, now let us help you succeed!

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