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IoD Advance

IoD Advance is the biggest shake-up to our membership offer in 40 years

Supercharge your network and leadership skills with IoD Advance.

How does IoD Advance make networking easier?

When you join, our detailed on-boarding process allows us to properly understand your ambitions for you and your business. What follows is a 12 month programme of personalised introductions, interactive workshops, networking events and tailored learning. Our innovative App breaks down the barriers between online and offline networking, allowing you to connect both online and in person at many of our regular and exclusive IoD Advance events. 

How can IoD Advance help me to develop as a Director?

IoD Advance provides you with inclusive access to the IoD’s world class leadership training. You’ll get to attend four short courses per year, providing you with the latest guidance in Strategy, Leadership and Governance – essential learning that ensures you’re developing as a director. Click here to see more of what our members say about Advance.

What is IoD Advance?

IoD Advance is a new and exclusive membership community that’s designed for Directors who want boost their network, acquire new skills and expand their knowledge. We’ll connect you with fellow business leaders, give you access to a host of events designed to enable you to share your expertise, and provide you with lots of opportunities to learn with inclusive professional development and our interactive workshops.

Is IoD Advance for me?

IoD Advance is designed for leaders who want to grow – we enable you to make relevant contacts, and we give you access to the training you need to develop in your career. This is an ambitious and growing network – our mission is to enable you to Connect, Share and Learn, and our code of conduct defines who we are. We held an Open Evening for IoD Advance on 29 November – please click here to see Twitter buzz. Don’t worry if you missed it, we’ll be announcing our next date soon!

How is Advance different to full IoD membership?

Advance membership gives you all of the benefits of full IoD membership, plus a whole lot more! Our innovative IoD Advance App, facilitated professional introductions and inclusive professional development are designed to supercharge you as a Director. In addition, we have an exclusive and active events portfolio – lots of opportunities to connect and collaborate with other IoD Advance members!

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