Ambassador Profile - Dr. Dan Matthews PhD. MBA MIoD

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Name: Dr. Dan Matthews PhD. MBA MIoD

Position/company: Author/Regional Manager/University Lecturer

Describe your current role/company:

Responsible for the service delivery and organisational growth for a south of England. The organisational delivers hard facilities management services in sectors including retail, commercial, legal, and financial.

Other information (eg other positions held, charity roles):

Author of 2023 publication: 8 Principles of Education: Progressing Your Career to an Elite Level. The aim of the book is to provide guidance for people returning to education, thus improving their employability and career prospects.

Outside work (hobbies/interests):

Lecturer of Facilities Management at the University of Gloucestershire. Creating and delivering the inaugural Facilities Management Apprenticeship Degree.

How long have you been an IoD member?

2 years

Why did you join the IoD?

To progress my education in areas not previously encountered. In addition, to share my energy, enthusiasm, and vision, around education, enabling other IoD members to know that we must continue learning, no matter what position we hold.

Describe your role as an Ambassador:

To acknowledge the needs of the members from an educational and skills standpoint. This element is a specific reason that people will become members and therefore I must represent the highest level of education.

What part of IoD membership do you value most?

The training elements. I have enjoyed all online courses, but am yet to commence my journey to chartered director. I very look forward to this challenge.

If you could give one message to the Prime Minister, what would it be?

Education needs to be addressed differently. I do not feel that students are engaged in the positive way that would provide a lifelong desire for knowledge. I know personally that education can deliver outstanding results and progress careers to elite level. What I don’t know is why this is such a secret.

What are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

The feedback from my book publication: 8 Principles of Education: Progressing Your Career to an Elite Level. I am eager to know how my writing can help people.

Looking back, what advice would you give yourself when you started out in business?

Education. Sacrifice personal time to develop my career. The rewards are astonishing.

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