Case study IoD Essex Mastermind Group is miles better for Sarah

Case study: IoD Essex Mastermind Group is miles better for Sarah. 

Sarah Wilson from ACE Travel Management talks to IoD East about her experience as an Essex IoD member, and the value in new relationships through member connections.

“It was my very first IoD Mastermind Group of the local Essex branch, where we were all initially asked to introduce ourselves and our business.

“Mine is travel. Everybody travels, so it’s a very emotive subject! Whether you travel personally or for business everyone has their own way of doing things. Everyone has their stories too; recalling when they got stuck somewhere, when they got upgraded, the best hotels they have stayed in or when their travel has been disrupted.

“Around the table that evening were three frequent travellers, including the business consultant John Cockburn-Evans from Aspire2BLean. John talked to me about his regular business trips to the Middle East, how he booked and the challenges around regular travel, particularly to some destinations.

“Among the group, we had an interesting around the table discussion about various aspects of travel and our individual experience. The IoD Mastermind dinner is focused on learning and collaborating, not selling, with a core focus on taking a mutual interest in our businesses and developing relationships, which makes for a refreshing and insightful experience.

“Alongside travel experiences, we were also discussing our businesses, the challenges we have, business practice for recruitment, leadership, and management issues – all experiences that we share. By discussing the common challenges we share as directors, we can build a dialogue and understand the nature of the business, what’s important to us as individuals in terms of who we do business with, integrity, sincerity etc. rather than talking about USP’S!

“I am happy to say that since our early conversations, John, and his company Aspire2BLean have become a valued client and gave me the following wonderful testimonial.”

“Since meeting Sarah, I have subsequently done significant business travel with ACE, actually in excess of £30,000 in six months as an SME. Sarah and her excellent team were in constant communication with me while I was working out how to leave Qatar earlier this year and set up new emergency communication channels to help me get home safe.”

For more information on IoD East of England Mastermind Groups, visit our East of England news page.

Sarah Wilson is owner and CEO of Ace Travel Management

John Cockburn-Evans is a transformational coach and speaker, founder of Aspire2BLean and IoD Ambassador

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