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In Good Company hub

Behind every great leader is an even greater story.

Our members make us who we are. But what makes them tick, how do they learn, and who do they go to for help?

Here you’ll find inspirational accounts from some of the amazing leaders within our membership.

They’re In Good Company, and these are their stories...

Latest Stories

Having fought her own battles, Angela channels her experiences of mental health into her social enterprise.

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Personal tragedy and a burning desire to help people inspired Ferron’s journey into business.

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If there’s one leader who knows all about overcoming adversity and championing a cause, it’s Mike Adams.

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A Day In The Life

Step inside an average caffeine-fuelled day for disability champion Mike Adams

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What does an average day entail for a man whose business is doing what none have done before?

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Maintaining a full-time job, caring for a family member on top of developing a burgeoning social enterprise? That sounds like a busy day…

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