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IoD City special interest Financial Services Group


Our Financial Services group brings together a range of professionals to discuss the latest trends in the industry, including everything from traditional banking models to the most up-to-date Fintech developments from around the world.

We regularly hold informative panel discussions examining the opportunities and risks presented in certain markets and sectors. Previous events have focussed on diverse issues including the lifting of Iranian sanctions, economic trends in Africa and Asia, regulatory challenges, best-practise guidelines for governance and successful strategies for investment planning.

As our branch covers both the City of London and Canary Wharf, we are an ideally located hub of networking and idea-sharing in the world's financial capital. Attendees include a wide array of professionals from the banking and insurance sectors, as well as angel investors, private equity managers, accountants, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and start-up founders.

Read about Angel FinTech Sector and Investment Scene event

How to join?

If you are an IoD member then you get automatic access to all London events. If you’re interested in getting involved, simply contact us and we’ll be in touch with details of the next gathering. 

We look forward to hearing from you

Contact IoD City

For more information, please contact:

IoD City of London branch

079 0315 3793

City of London

IoD Central London branch

078 5096 5384

Central London

Postal Address and Member Premise 
116 Pall Mall

Member Hub
68 Lombard Street

Open Monday to Friday

8:00am to 6:00pm

Please do not send post to Lombard Street as this will not be picked up

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