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North West

Welcome to IoD North West!

The IoD is the UK’s longest-running organisation for Directors from all sectors, shapes and size of organisation, and we exist to help our members become the best Directors they can be.

In the North West, we have active communities in Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool, Lancashire and Cumbria, and bring members together across the whole region to offer peer support at Director level, across all sectors, shapes and sizes of organisation.

Our core values are Integrity and Enterprise.

We recognise that, with the best leadership, business is a positive force in our communities and society – creating quality jobs, improving opportunities, and making our regions and nations better places to live and work. The North West region faces many challenges and opportunities, not least devolution, the Northern Powerhouse, dated transport and infrastructure, a skills gap and a brain drain out of our region into the South and abroad. It has never been more crucial that we have great North West leaders! It is also imperative that we support the development of future directors, including those from non-traditional backgrounds, as we know that diversity in the boardroom creates stronger, more sustainable businesses.

The IoD supports Directors in three key areas – Connectivity, Professional Development and Influence.


We have a comprehensive calendar of events to bring business leaders together. We aim to build a community of business leaders, who can work with, support and guide each other at the most senior level. See our events calendar here.

Professional Development

The IoD is raising confidence, aspirations and standards among Directors. The IoD Competency Framework sets out the skills, knowledge and mindset of a Director.

Our free online self-assessment tool will help you find your own areas for development and 2020 will see more IoD training than ever come to the North West. You can visit the IoD Academy here.

There is also an option bring the IoD to you – we can build training bespoke to your company. To find out more, please visit our In-Company training page.


Increasing the ‘impact’ of members – from developing their understanding of emerging leadership ideas and topics,  to giving them a voice in local, regional  and national policy – helping them break  new ground, create sustainable businesses, and support their communities.

Manchester Chair

Sharon Amesu -

Manchester Committee & ambassadorial roles

Kathryn Bistacchi - Marketing & Communications
Dawn Laycock - Mental Health and Wellbeing
Alice Jackson - Small Business & Finance

Simon Bolton

Leila McKenzie - Diversity and Inclusion
Hassan Iqbal - Young Leaders 
Paul Bolton - Professional Education and Skills 
Danny Simpson - Social Mobility 
Quentin Abel - Transport Infrastructure/ Environmental 
Susanna Lawson - Education, Skills and Apprenticeships 

Merryl Webster - Business and The Arts

 Cheshire Chair

Rob McKay -

 Cheshire Committee & ambassadorial roles

Julian Cobley - Skills 
Jamie Christon -  Tourism, Transport & Infrastructure 

David Maisey -  Exporting

Clara Hughes - Small Business, Business & Arts 
Stephen Law-Lyons - Health & Wellbeing 
Lucy Powers - Small Business, Quality of Place 

Ian Traynor - Professional Development 

 Cumbria Chair

Barry Leahey MBE -

Cumbria Committee & ambassadorial roles

Kate Garratt - Deputy Chair, Clean Growth / Renewables, Digital, Entrepreneurship, IoD 99, Women in Business
Chris Ward - Manufacturing & Productivity 
Harry Knowles - Regeneration, LIS/LEP
Martin Ward - Governance, Investment 
Jennifer Cormack - Events, Membership, Collaboration, Tourism, Women in Business
George Beveridge - Leadership, Education / Skills / Apprenticeships, Productivity, Governance, Regeneration, LIS/LEP

Sue Howarth -  Events, Membership, Community, Family Business, Women in Business

The Cumbria Branch is sponsored by:

Rathbones Blue

Liverpool Chair

David Wafer -

 Liverpool Committee

Stuart McBain
Owen Cotterell
Alison Lobb
Jo Henney
Lizz Jones 
Gordon Andrews
Catherine Lockett

The Liverpool Branch is sponsored by:

Rathbones Blue

Kays Medical LogoMASTER_11-1-18

Lancashire Chair

Stuart Thompson -

Lancashire Committee & ambassadorial roles

Dharma Kovvuri - Education, Skills and Apprenticeships
Stephen Bolton - PR & Communications
Daniel Halenko - Social Enterprise, Health & Wellbeing 
Jane Dalton - Innovation
Melissa Conlon - Manufacturing & Engineering
Andy Mann - PR & Small Business
Laura Hartley - Skills
Sabba Shah - Students and Young Leaders

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