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Please do contact your local team with any event, membership, sponsorship or other queries and they'll be happy to help.

If you wish to contact a committee member please email the branch administrator in the first instance.

Central London Contacts

Branch Chair:
David Gordon
078 5584 9232

Vice Chair:
Reena Dayal
079 0894 1010

Events Manager:
Laura Jumnoodoo

Central London Ambassador Group

David Gordon - Chair
Reena Dayal - Vice Chair and Membership Officer
Tomasz Letniowski - Interim Vice Chair
David Stringer-Lamarre - Chair of London Region
Andrew Tollinton - Chair of Young Directors' Forum (YDF)
Anjola Adeniyi - Technology Ambassador
Vanessa Dal Busco - PR & Marketing Ambassador
Andrew Griffiths - Social Media Officer*
Joel Singh - Chair of Technology/ERP Special Interest Group*
Andrew Lambert - Chair of International Trade Special Interest Group*

*to be formally elected in 2019 AMM

City of London Contacts

City of London Ambassador Group

Alderman Sir David Wootton - President
Alderman Alastair King - Chair
Hamish McArthur - Vice Chair & Chair, Property Group
John McLean - Vice Chair
Mei Sim Lai OBE DL - Hon Secretary & Chair, China Group
Dallas McGillivray - Hon Treasurer & Education Liaison Officer
Sabila Din - Chair, Financial Services Group
Irina Velkova - Chair, Young Executives Group
Neha Rawtal - Chair, South Asia Group
Simon Wood - Military Liaison Officer
Jeremy Duncan - Marketing Officer
Argentina Hung - Membership Development Officer
Jo Boait - Group Member
Peter Lu - Group Member