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East of England

IoD Norfolk hosts a Big Debate on Artificial Intelligence

Melanie Forrer-Pratt 06 Aug 2018
IoD Norfolk The Big Debate on Artificial Intelligence

Panel concludes we shouldn't be afraid of advances in Artificial Intelligence.

Over 90 guests attended the first IoD Norfolk Big Debate on Artificial Intelligence on 19th July 2018 at The Enterprise Centre in Norwich sponsored by Price Bailey LLP and the University of East Anglia.

The events title was ‘We Should Fear Advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence) with the debate panel being comprised of leaders from a wide range of backgrounds, including Legal, Business, Tech, Cyber Security and a Dr of Philosophy.

Anthony Pryke of Norwich Barclays Eagle Labs, who co-organised the event with the IoD said, ‘’It was fantastic to be part of the IoD Big Debate; we feel it’s very important to provide opportunities for people to discuss subjects like this. The evening allowed guests of all backgrounds to learn and collaborate around the hot topic which is artificial intelligence.’’

Dr Gareth Jones, Honorary Lecturer at the UEA said: “Artificial Intelligence has been characterised as both a fundamental threat to humanity and a liberating technology that will release us from the requirement to work. I believe that it could be both, and that its likely long-term developments will force us to question our basic assumptions about what it is to be human and how we might flourish.”

The panel had a lively debate with questions that were submitted by the delegates in advance. The topics included how we define AI, what we use it for now and in the future, how we best educate our children for a very different world and how AI could have ground-breaking impacts for society.

Simone Robinson, Regional Director for IoD East of England said, “The debate panel were knowledgeable, candid and very engaging which meant the audience felt they had received useful and valid information. The business world is changing at an unprecedented rate, in part due to artificial intelligence, making IoD Big Debates an important chance for business leaders to discuss the potential impacts on their business and the wider community.”

The general feeling of the audience towards advances in AI was very positive and delegates and panellist felt that properly developed, AI could change the way we live our lives for the better.

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