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East of England Hertfordshire

Introducing our new Hertfordshire Branch Ambassador - Debi Adeyemi

06 Mar 2018
IoD Branch Ambassador Introduction

IoD Branch Ambassador Introduction

IoD East of England are pleased to be represented across our vibrant and successful region by IoD Ambassadors who are specialists in their fields. Our IoD Ambassadors are charged with leading in a chosen topic area/function that is their expertise or focus, whilst also promoting the benefits of IoD membership and the CPD route to Chartered Director.

Below you will find an introduction to one of our highly valued Ambassadors who would be pleased to connect with you via Twitter or LinkedIn. Please contact the IoD East of England regional officefor more information regarding becoming an IoD Ambassador.

Debi Adeyemi

Your Name: Debi Adeyemi

Your title/role and company name: Director / Blueberry Ltd

Your IoD branch: Hertforshire

Your IoD Branch Ambassador role: Manufacturing / Infrastructure

Q: How long have you been involved with the IoD?  

Since 2014.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your career to date?

Having graduated with a BSC (Hons) in Management and Finance, as well as a couple of postgraduate programs in Leadership management, Global business, Strategy & Innovation, I have worked as a Financial Management Consultant for 14 years to date, implementing business transformation and innovative management information solutions for various blue chip clients all over the world, in various industrial sectors, (mostly the manufacturing sector). I have also worked on a part time basis, as a Non-Executive director/Trustee under various capacities on several boards whilst currently taking the IoD Diploma exams .

Q: What do you hope to achieve as an IoD Branch Ambassador?

I believe this is a formidable opportunity to champion causes such as adding  a voice to the importance of adopting best practise corporate governance ethics and professionalism within organisations and the benefits this brings along with it to the business environment as a whole. 

Would be great to be able to use this platform to help spread awareness about the propitious opportunities available for the UK manufacturing /infrastructure sector that can well be tapped into, especially with the emergence of exciting enabling technologies such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchains, Predictive analytics, etc... With this, hopefully stir up  more positive appetite, engaging discussions and attitude towards this sector from business minded professionals especially young and inspiring entrepreneurs.

Q: If you could give your 21 year old self some advice what would it be?

Never give up on your dreams, keep calm and carry on, no matter what. Nothing is impossible with the good mix of sheer hard work, self-belief, a positive attitude towards people around you and a great support network!

If you do stumble a bit along the way, take a step back and analyse properly ALL lessons learnt, then pick yourself up and keep moving on, remembering there’s always some wisdom to be utilised in the future, from these past lessons .

Q: What keeps you busy outside of work?

Volunteering: I give business, career and motivational talks in colleges to 6th form business students all over the country; I’m a trustee on boards of some UK organisations;  I give of my spare time raising funds for worthy charitable causes by taking up various challenges, organising & speaking at events; I’m a mentor to some youths who come from challenging backgrounds  with the  goal being to work together towards growing their strengths, building their self-esteem, and hopefully  transforming their lives, for the better.

Hobbies: Open water swimming in deep blue seas, hiking, keeping fit, spending quality time with loved ones, travelling to parts of the world rich in history/culture, visiting museums/theatre shows, reading biographies of awe-inspiring personalities of all time,  throwing dinner parties!

Q: Are there any business related or policy issues that keep you awake at night?

Cybercrime, Environmental pollution and waste especially as it relates to sustainability, Social media abuse/bullying especially amongst young children, lack of adequate career guidance/positive role -models for aspiring students, International trade deficit problems.

Q: Why do you think business leaders should join the IoD?

They are a strong back-bone of the economy. With the right strategy/action plan in place, they have the ability/power to influence business economic policies being formulated by the government, a lot more so than is presently being done.

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