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Please do contact your local team with any event, membership, sponsorship or other queries and they'll be happy to help.

If you'd like to get in touch with a committee member, please contact the events and Branch Officer in the first instance.

Regional team

Regional Director:
Simone Robinson
020 3006 2729

Regional Chair:
David Sales
07802 467 148

Regional Vice-Chair:
Clifford Hurst
07788 148927

Regional Ambassador for Diversity, Inclusion and the Armed Forces:
Leona Barr-Jones
07815 787 320

Regional Support:
Grace Kim
020 3006 2729

Cambridgeshire branch

Events and Branch Officer:
Grace Kim

Cambridgeshire Ambassador Group

Carolyn Rand - Chair

Louisa Morrey - Ambassador

Malcolm Johnston - Marketing and Communications Ambassador 

Simon Fishgang - Technology Ambassador

Paul Gibson - Ambassador 

Vanessa Landrenaeu - Rewards Management Ambassador

Julian Webb - Ambassador

Suffolk branch

Events and Branch Officer:
Caroline Kearney
07917 699 498

Suffolk Ambassador Group

John Cockburn-Evans -  Interim Chair and Energy & Manufacturing Ambassador

Kate Everett - IoD PR Ambassador

Mark Ledger - Finance & Skills Ambassador       

Laura Morrison - Marketing & Membership Ambassador

Jonathan Symonds - Research & Development and Science Ambassador     



Essex branch

Events and Branch Officer:
John Granneman
07527 769 532

Essex Ambassador Group

Alison Shadrack - Interim-Chair

Ian West - Social Media Ambassador

Lucy Folley - Legal Ambassador

Adanna Alaoma - Student Ambassador

Lara Fox - Family Business Ambassador

Biplab Rakshi -Infrastructure Ambassador

Norfolk branch

Events and Branch Officer:
Mel Forrer-Pratt
07379 116 953

Norfolk Ambassador Group

Michael Harrowven - Chair

James Allison- IT, Digital & Tech Ambassador

Chris Cliffe - Procurement Ambassador

Emma Gooderham - Small Business Ambassador

Andrea Hardimen - PR & Marketing Ambassador

James Kidd - HR & Legal Ambassador

Nicky Lawlor - Cyber Security Ambassador

Judeline Nicholas - Health & Wellbeing, Gender & Diversity Ambassador

David John Ramsay - Fellows Ambassador

Hertfordshire branch

Events and Branch Contacts:

Grace Kim

Caroline Kearney

Hertfordshire Ambassador Group

Richard McBarnet – Chair

Debi Adeyemi -  Ambassador

Charles Little - Ambassador

Branko Bjelobaba - Ambassador

Contact IoD East of England

For more information, please contact.

020 3006 2729

East of England

Branch and staff contacts can be found on the main Contacts tab

IoD East of England

The Bradfield Centre
Cambridge Science Park