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Health and Wellbeing Services


Preferred programme, specially negotiated for IoD members

Award-winning health and wellbeing provider, Westfield Health, provides members with access to exclusive solutions that empower employees to live well, sleep better, stay healthy and work smarter.

Health and Wellbeing Services:

IoD members save 5% on a range of health and wellbeing services including:

  • Health & lifestyle screenings
  • Workshops
  • Digital wellbeing plan
  • Health calendar

Key features of IoD Health Plans:

  • 100 per cent reimbursement up to set limits, on everyday healthcare such as optical and dental
  • Fast access to MRI, CT & PET Scanning Facilities
  • DoctorLine™  24/7 GP telephone access, webcam consultations and prescription services
  • 24/7 confidential counselling and advice line
  • Best Doctors An independent and confidential second medical opinion service

Already have a healthcare solution?

The IoD Health Plans complement any existing Private Medical Insurance (PMI), as the consultation benefit can be used to cover PMI excesses.

IoD Corporate Health Plan

A healthy workforce is crucial to the success of a business. This plan is ideal for all sizes of business (minimum five employees) and proven to help tackle common workplace issues such as sickness absence.

The average cost of a health plan is £98 per annum per employee – when compared to the rising costs of PMI, this could be a genuine low-cost alternative* and some companies may be able to reduce/ offset the cost against corporation tax**.

From just £6.16 per month

Hospital Treatment Insurance

Provides prompt, private access to surgical and medical procedures (classed as non-urgent by the NHS) and can be purchased by a business, as a standalone product, or can be combined with the IoD Corporate Health Plan.

Hospital Treatment Insurance does not cover surgical procedures for cancer, heart disease or emergency treatment at which the NHS excels and is therefore more affordable than PMI – offering fair set price premiums for all employees, regardless of age or location.

From just £5.83 per month

Health & Wellbeing Services

Health Calendar

An annual programme of ready-made monthly campaign toolkits covering 22 popular topics.

Wellbeing Plan

Online access to personal training plans, factsheets, podcasts and videos to enable your employees to build their own wellbeing programme.

Wellness Workshops

Workshops that provide interactive coaching designed to encourage your employees to make positive lifestyle changes.

Working carers support

Peace of mind for employees with caring responsibilities.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing Toolkit

Smart employers recognise the tangible business benefits of looking after their most important asset – their staff. A healthcare solution can help to reduce absenteeism, improve productivity and employee engagement.

Whether you’re just embarking on your journey or you’re reviewing your current strategy, here’s a range of valuable health and wellbeing planning tools, research insights to help you.

The right health & wellbeing strategy How to win the case to invest in employee health & wellbeing The right health & wellbeing partner Achieving employee engagement

IoD Personal Health Plan

Designed to ease your daily life and support your overall wellbeing.

From £11.81 per month

* Laing & Buisson 2015
** Westfield Contributory Health Scheme Limited (Westfield) are not tax advisors. Information on this webpage does not constitute to advice and Westfield can not take responsibility for any actions or inactions which take place as a result of it. If in doubt, you should contact your tax advisor.