Essential links for your sustainable business goals

The following links provide useful external resources to help you and your business to take positive action on environment and sustainability issues.

The list is provided by our National Sustainability Taskforce.

Why We Need To Act

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report – provides the most comprehensive summaries of the latest research on climate science and the impacts of climate change.

Climate Change Committee resources – the latest evidence about how and why our global climate is changing from some of the world’s leading science organisations.

WWF ‘Feeling the Heat’ report – outlines the effects of the global climate emergency on people and nature, and how the future of us all depends on humanity’s urgent response.

The Degrowth Opportunity introduces business leaders to degrowth thinking and provides foresight into a world that could, in the near future, be in a state of flux, with growth and degrowth forces swirling simultaneously

Future-Fit Crash Course – what are the challenges and how can businesses respond? Learn why a systems approach is good for business, society and the environment, and what practical steps companies and investors can take to play their part.

Take Action

The Better Business Act – a campaign to change UK law to make sure every single company in the UK, whether big or small, aligns the interests of their shareholders with those of wider society and the environment. Join the coalition!

UK Business Climate Hub – a government campaign and tools to support small and medium sized businesses on their Net Zero journey.

Broadway Initiative – where the leading business organisations collaborate with environmental, professional and expert groups on the frameworks, plans and partnerships needed to meet net zero emissions and wider environmental goals.

Boardroom 2030 – Boardroom 2030 empowers businesses to explore what a 2030 future could look like while drawing attention to the changes we must make to our boards today. Sign up today!

Future-Fit’s Changemaker Community – join the global movement responding to today’s biggest challenges. Join Future-Fit’s Changemaker Community to learn, connect and take action together.

Wellbeing Business briefing – describes 8 ways that businesses are challenging the corporate mindset to ensure social and ecological wellbeing for all.


The B Impact Assessment – a free, confidential platform designed to help measure and manage your company’s positive impact on your workers, community, customers and environment.

B Climate Tools Base – a set of tools to guide you on the path toward achieving net zero emissions by 2030 while taking a human-centric, climate justice-oriented approach.

SDG Action Manager – developed by B Lab and the United Nations Global Compact, the SDG Action Manager is an impact management solution that enables businesses to take action on the Sustainable Development Goals through 2030.

Future-Fit Business Benchmark -provides actionable guidance to give every business a clear destination to aim for and the steps to get started.

Glossary – A to Z guide to sustainability and environmental terms and acronyms.

EcoDa: A practical guide for boards and leadership teams on sustainability – This guide is aimed at helping board members and leadership teams navigate their companies’ sustainability journey.


Wellbeing Economy reading list – books to deepen your understanding of how to practically change the system to support human and ecological wellbeing.

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Making better choices for a better world

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