Assessing the expected impact of generative AI on the UK competitive landscape

In collaboration with London Business School and Evolution Ltd, we have published a new paper, ‘Assessing the expected impact of generative AI on the UK competitive landscape’.

The findings indicate that the adoption of generative AI could widen corporate inequalities, with sectors prone to market consolidation seeing the most significant shifts.

The paper also proposes a series of recommendations that businesses and policymakers can implement in the key areas of concern for UK business leaders. The recommendations cover skill development, sector-based differences, business resilience and amendments to the UK’s regulatory framework.

The paper calls on government to:

  • Redesign the educational system for a post generative AI world.
  • Develop targeted support and regulatory adjustments for identified vulnerable sectors.
  • Enhance legal frameworks for intellectual property and data privacy.

In addition, the paper makes a series of recommendations for businesses, including:

  • Ensuring a strong foundation of proprietary data relative to competitors.
  • Leveraging regulatory protections.
  • Managing the hype of AI when adopting new technologies and practices.

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