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Member testimonials

The Institute of Directors has 30,000 members, representing all sizes and sectors of the UK's dynamic and varied business community. Here a selection of members explain just why their IoD membership is so crucial to their success . . . 

Carole O'neil, Advance Electronics Company

Carole O'neill

Partner, HR & Training

“The different perspectives that you gain on business issues often help you to see a problem in a new light and can lead to much better solutions than if you try to figure everything our yourself!”

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Julia Fintz, Lekker Boutique Travel

Julia Fintz

Founder, Lekker Boutique Travel

"I highly recommend the IoD 99 network. It's an excellent group of supportive people along with fantastic benefits."

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James Pope, founder, Franco

James Pope


“The IoD 99 network has helped me scale up in three ways; credibility, inspiration and networking.”

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Yahya Shakweh, Advance Electronics Company

Dr. Yahya Shakweh

Vice President, Advanced Electronics Company

“My favourite thing is the sense of belonging to a strong community of business leaders; a community of strong leaders empowered to influence the business landscape in the UK and beyond.”

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Joyce Ong, Speaking In Public

Joyce Ong

Mobile Marketing Specialist, Marketing Tech

“As an Advance member I’ve been able to overcome the old challenges I used to face.”

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Darren Wray, Fifth Step

Darren Wray

CEO, Fifth Step

“Being an Advance member has helped me meet lots of people from organisations of all different shapes and sizes.”

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Jamie Gray, Buddy Burst

Jamie Gray

Founder, Buddy Burst

"For less than £10 per month, there really is no other membership that compares. It really is brilliant."

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Susy Weitz, Speaking In Public

Susy Weitz

Director of Consumer Insight, Hunt Mackay

“The Advance network understands the needs of different types of Directors and supports the way they work and operate differently.”

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Heather Carr, Ten Minutes More Limited

Heather Carr

Managing Director, Ten Minutes More Limited

"Being a member of IoD 99 has been hugely beneficial both to me personally and to the development of my businesses."

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Leo Lourdes, Lekker Boutique Travel

Leo Lourdes

CEO, Yogasphere

"It’s given me the freedom to make decisions while feeling the safety net of support from the heritage of experience and resources I can draw from the IoD."

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Ges Ray, Speaking In Public

Ges Ray

Founder, Speaking In Public

“Advance is a trusted peer group, willing to share expertise, experiences, and opportunities for business.”

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Julia Fintz, Lekker Boutique Travel

Charlotte Nichols

Founder, Harvey & Hugo

"IoD 99 provides a fantastic support network where you can chat through your problems with other young entrepreneurs."

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Adam Sommerfeld, MIoD, Co-founder, DRS Commodities

Ayesha Sultan

Board Member

"The IoD gives you a platform and a community to be able to interact with like-minded individuals and share ideas."

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