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The Institute of Directors has 30,000 members, representing all sizes and sectors of the UK's dynamic and varied business community. Here a selection of members explain just why their IoD membership is so crucial to their success . . . 

Adam Sommerfeld, MIoD, Co-founder, DRS Commodities

Adam Sommerfeld

Co-founder, DRS Commodities, MIoD

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Ann Jordan, Marketing specialist

Ann Jordan

Marketing specialist

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Barbara Baker, Hospital Director, Nuffield Health

Barbara Baker

Hospital Director, Nuffield Health

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Hugh Griffiths, CEO, Inzpire Ltd

Hugh Griffiths

CEO, Inzpire Ltd

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Professor James Knight, Editor, FIoD

Professor James Knight

Editor, FIoD

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Kieran Lambert, MIoD, MD, AGF Fire Protection Ltd

Kieran Lambert

Managing Director, AGF Fire Protection Ltd, MIoD

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Murray Eldridge, CDir, MIoD, Actinium CS

Murray Eldridge

Owner, Actinium CS, CDir, MIoD

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Jill Davies

Chief Executive, Westfield Health

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