Renowned environmental storyteller David Shukman to keynote conference

IoD Wales are proud to announce that broadcaster and writer David Shukman will be the keynote speaker at this year’s inaugural Leading Wales – IoD Sustainability Conference.

The conference, aimed at inspiring and empowering business leaders in Wales on their sustainability journey, will take place on Tuesday 3rd October at the Swansea Arena. The event is in partnership with S’Investec.

David Shukman’s distinguished career and expertise make him an ideal choice to address the conference’s theme of sustainability and environmental challenges. With an impressive portfolio spanning from the early exploration of global warming to COP26 and the ongoing effects of climate change, Shukman is widely acknowledged as a master storyteller on significant environmental issues.

As the BBC’s first Science Editor since January 2012, Shukman has brought complex scientific concepts to mainstream audiences with exceptional clarity and relatability. His skill in broadcasting from remote and inaccessible locations, including the Arctic, Antarctic, and the Amazon, has allowed audiences worldwide to gain a deeper understanding of our planet’s most critical challenges.

With his experience spanning a decade of international climate diplomacy, including participation in the COP26 summit in Glasgow, Shukman is recognised by key players in the field. His ability to present the latest scientific advancements in a clear and engaging manner, combined with his talent for addressing challenging environmental issues, sets him apart as an influential communicator.

At the conference, Shukman will share his insights on how businesses can navigate complex environmental and scientific challenges. His unique ability to guide corporate entities through the intricacies of sustainability while enhancing both economic and environmental effectiveness is highly regarded. Shukman’s goal is to foster positive outcomes by encouraging honest dialogue, discouraging greenwashing, and promoting constructive paths forward.

Shukman’s particular interest in the corporate sector, boardrooms, directors, and CEOs’ responses to climate change aligns seamlessly with the conference’s mission. He will also explore the emergence of new “netzero accounting” methods and metrics, designed to differentiate genuine environmental action from mere greenwashing.

“We are delighted to have David Shukman as the keynote speaker at our Sustainability Conference,” said Jo Price, Nations Manager, IoD Wales.

“His unparalleled expertise and dedication to bridging divides during this pivotal time will undoubtedly inspire and empower our attendees to drive positive change within their organisations.”
Jo Price
Nations Manager, IoD Wales

Shukman will appear alongside an array of highly regarding speakers from varying sectors soon to be announced.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain insights from David Shukman’s wealth of knowledge at the Leading Wales – IoD Sustainability Conference. For more information and to register for the event, visit Leading Wales: The IoD sustainable business conference -3 Oct 2023 | Business Events | Institute of Directors

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