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For our December spotlight we welcome Charlotte Barham, Director of Operations and Finance at Pushologies to share her experience of being an IoD Isle of Man member.

Tell us about yourself and your role at Pushologies

Hi, I am Charlotte, Director of Operations and Finance at Pushologies. We are a start up tech business, changing the Direct to Consumer mobile engagement space for organisations across the world. I am so proud to be part of this awesome team, leading and helping to shape our business. There is no organisation like us, anywhere, the opportunity to work with the quality of clients and brand we do is second to none. I love the chance I get to be more than accountant, leading our operational teams to deliver our best for our partners.

Why did you join the Institute?

I had lots of recommendations to join the IoD and pursue the qualifications offered by the Institute. I have been part of many different local professional organisations, however what stood out to me with the IoD Isle of Man branch was its close networking community made up of people from really diverse professional backgrounds. The support that the team offered to me from day one of showing my interest in membership, was amazing, the local team is passionate and inspiring.

As an active member of the IoD community, you have completed the Certificate in Company Direction and Diploma in Company Direction, why this professional qualification? 

I am a bit of a nerd, well if you ask my family, a lot of a nerd…. I always strive to have the technical foundations in any aspect of what I do, to then go and build practical and real-world experience on. Directorship was no different. The courses gave me a great chance to network with similar minded individuals off island and held with high regard across the international stage. They were the ideal step for me and something I could do alongside my role, family and other passions.

If you could highlight one aspect of the qualification that ‘stood-up’ what would that be?

I loved the chance to apply the knowledge in the Diploma level to an organisation that was completely new to you, it gave you the chance to really show how you thought as a Director and allowed you to be objective! We are too close sometimes to what we do and the organisations we work with to see the wood from the trees, this was a great experience to be independent and demonstrate that.

Through the Institute of Directors we aim to offer members with Connect, Develop and Influence opportunities, if you had to sum up your membership journey in three words what would they be?

Supported, Rewarding, friends-for-life

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