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Please do contact your local team with any event, membership, sponsorship or other queries and they'll be happy to help.

If you'd like to get in touch with a committee member, please contact the regional administrator in the first instance.

Regional team

Regional director:
Ron Lynch
0115 848 6190

Regional chair:
Garry Smith
0115 848 4585 

Head of business development:
Sue Charlesworth
07939 584 962

Regional public relations officer:
Janet Wootton

Regional administrator:
Cari Grice
0115 848 6190

Events administrator:
Emily Gunn
0115 848 6190

Regional committee

Garry Smith - Chair
Andrew Leask
Steve Walker
Sarah Canning
Steve de Looze
Gary Headland
Lynn Bleakley

Leicestershire committee

Steve de Looze - Chair
Ajay Naik
Nicolas Olsen
Chris Rees
Rachel Hargrave
Lisa Botterill
Helen Spencer 
Mark Edyman
Steve Walker

YDF committee

Steve Walker - Chair
Helen Amery
Ian Morris
Ajay Naik
Shelley Litchfield
Jenny Cross
Mark Platt

Lincolnshire committee

Gary Headland - Chair
Paul Banton
William Downing
Cameron Ford
Craig Marsh
John Hebblethwaite
James Pinchbeck
David Thompson
Chris Trigg
Annette Wood
Graham Harrison
Mark Taylor
Emma Oliver-Townrow
William Downing
Janet Meenaghan
George Spiteri

Northamptonshire committee

Dorothy Foote
Graham Rae

Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire committee

Steve de Looze - Chair
Andrew Bailey
Stefan Elliott
John Jennings
Kate Faulkner
Martin Parkes
Carole Harvey
Phil Walter
Jeffrey Lee

Contact IoD East Midlands

For more information, please contact

0115 8486 190

East Midlands

Branch and staff contacts can be found on the main Contacts tab

IoD East Midlands
Newton Arkwright Building
Nottingham Trent University
Burton Street