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Branch Event

IoD North East Fellowship Forum with Karl Pemberton, IoD NE South Chairman - Taking Stock - Where are we now?

26 May 2020
IoD Yorkshire & North East Online, Online
IoD NE (N) members are invited to join the Fellowship Forum online created to support local IoD members throughout these extraordinary times.

The group will be facilitated by Karl Pemberton, IoD NE (South) Chair, who will be joined by Clare Wheeler.  Clare specialises in Minimising Risk, Building Confidence and Adapting/Protecting workplaces following many years working the chemicals industry.

The group will look to speak more conversationally.  We will reflect on what we've learned in recent months, how we stand now, and what the future looks like now for our businesses.

Key details

Date & time: 26 May 2020 15:30 - 16:30
Location: IoD Yorkshire & North East Online, Online
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Event manager:
Ms Sukie Ranken
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The purpose of the Fellowship Forum is to support and help directors respond effectively to the current crisis and to step up and make the most of the leadership opportunity the current crisis is presenting to us all.

The Forum will take the form of a series of small group on-line video sessions via the IoD Zoom platform. The aim is to give directors and senior business leaders the chance to discuss the key issues and challenges they face in an open, constructive and confidential environment.

Each online session will be hosted by an IoD North East Ambassador and will be limited to 15 IoD members at a time.

The key issues covered in the Forum sessions will be driven by the participants and could include:

Ideas, tips and practical insights to help directors cope, thrive and survive the current Covid-19 virus

Ways to support each other as and when required, this is safe space to enable directors to ask for help if needed.

Sharing topics that we know are of interest to all directors at this time

Signposting directors to useful information put out by any of our trusted local business group partners such as the LEP; Universities; CBI; FSB; Chamber of Commerce and of course our own IoD Central team

The sessions will be run under Chatham House rules


Karl Pemberton 
Karl Pemberton FIoD, CDir, Dip PFS Managing Director - Active Chartered Financial Planners,  Chair – Institute of Directors, NE South

Clare Wheeler
Clare Wheeler is the Managing Director of Business Cogs, a business consultancy supporting leaders of growing SMEs to strengthen business processes and increase employee engagement. Using the 7 Cogs Framework to improve performance by targeting the 7 aspects (cogs) that are required to achieve success.

With over 20 years of experience in the chemical industry as a Chemical Engineer, Operations Manager and Improvement Leader Clare has a practical approach to assessing and managing risk - by combining strong systems which define safe working methods and actively engaging individuals and teams to take responsibility for their own and each other’s safety.



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