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2018 changes to 99 membership

Dear Member,

I would like to begin by wishing you a happy New Year. I hope you had a relaxing break and are re-charged and ready for the year ahead.

As you will have seen in my email just before Christmas, 2017 was an incredibly busy year here at the IoD and in the world of business as a whole. Having been in post as Director General for a year, I have worked hard with my team to look at how the IoD is serving you, our members.

What has become clear to me, as I’ve spoken with members across the country, is that the vast majority of you join to build your networks, attend events and develop your skills to become an even better Director. Having been a member of the IoD myself for 16 years, I have always been of the same mind-set and I am determined to increase our ability to bring those connections and skills to more of our membership than ever before – building on the community and learning culture that already exists.

This has led us to ensure we truly focus on what the IoD is here to achieve and support you with, becoming your partner for personal and business growth.

We have, therefore, decided to review a few aspects of our membership proposition to deliver the highest value possible for your fee.

What you need to know at a glance:

  1. Bringing you the biggest change to IoD membership in a generation
  2. For 2018, we have invested in a brand new, dynamic, online training platform - the IoD Digital Academy. This is a facility designed to help you reach your full potential in business and, for IoD 99 members, this will be available to you in year two of your membership for no extra charge - just as your business begins to scale and you are likely to require further learning opportunities.

  3. Regus business lounges will no longer be available
  4. As of 28th February our relationship with Regus business lounges will end, but remember that you continue to have use of 15 IoD regional premises located up and down the country. These premises are designed specifically for business leaders and place you in an environment with like-minded peers. You can find out more about these locations at

  5. The Non-Executive Directory will cease
  6. As we continue to focus on the elements that are most important to members, we will be discontinuing the Non-Executive Directory as of 28th February.

  7. IoD 99 fees will not increase in 2018

We are delighted that we can continue to support your business at the most difficult stage by maintaining membership fees at the current rate. We are introducing greater benefits in years two and three, as your business grows and your need for support grows with it. Click here to find out more about the IoD 99 journey.

Please keep reading, to find out more about the specific changes we will be making:

As mentioned, we have ended our relationship with Regus business lounges, meaning IoD members no longer have free access to this facility. Whilst we appreciate this was a popular facility for some members, the uptake was minimal and did not represent a sensible use of funds. During the course of 2018 we will continue to assess alternative arrangements and their likely popularity, but please remember that you still have use of the excellent IoD premises across the UK, including in Belfast, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff and London to name a few. These hubs are designed specifically for IoD members and give you access to flexible working and meeting spaces within the dynamic IoD environment. Visit for details of the venues available to you.

Many members join the IoD to improve their ability to become a Non-Executive Director. In this time of increasing corporate scrutiny and focus on good governance, the need for Non-Execs has never been greater and we wish to continue our focus on developing business leaders in this field. With this, though, comes the realisation that the IoD is not best placed to provide recruitment services. Our Non-Executive Directory service has been in place for some time but only serves a very small number of members. Again, we believe that, by focusing on helping Directors improve their ability to become a Non-Exec and putting on high quality events allowing connection opportunities with other business leaders, we can better support this important aspect of business growth. Subsequently, the Non-Executive Directory service will cease to operate as of 28th February; however we will provide you greater access to develop your skills as a Non-Executive Director. Please take a look at our range of development opportunities at Also, take a look at our continually evolving events calendar to see where you could meet potential companies to work with.

As stated earlier in this letter, we are seeking to truly focus on what the IoD is here to achieve: helping business leaders enhance their ability to run successful and well governed businesses. It is within this context that I am delighted to announce to you a brand new membership benefit - the IoD Digital Academy. Over the coming weeks you will hear more about what is on offer, but it is a remarkable project that I am proud to bring to you, alongside my colleagues in our Professional Development team.

We will be making this available to IoD 99 members in their second year of membership, included in the fee. This is to ensure you have access to additional learning at the time that your business begins to grow and the pressures on you as a leader increase.

The Digital Academy is a facility that allows you to access content based upon our director competency framework, the essence of everything important to becoming the best Director possible. Wherever you are in your career, you will find learning opportunities relevant to you, helping you, your business and your board to grow. We were insistent on the fact that this new platform has to work for the modern business leader, those who work at varying times of day and from locations all around the world.

With both web and mobile / tablet versions of the Academy you will be able to access the learning at any time and place to suit you. The Digital Academy will be launching at the beginning of February, so I’ll leave it to my team to share more details with you over the coming weeks. Visit for information in the mean-time.

As you can see, we have been busy improving our understanding of what is most important to our members and to business as a whole. Whilst we understand that not all changes will please all members, I hope that you appreciate the need to focus on how we can deliver the most benefit to our entire membership and are as excited as we are about the introduction of the Digital Academy.

I understand that there are a lot of changes to digest in one go, so we have added a page to our website with some FAQs – you can see them by visiting Equally, our membership team are keen to help you and are available on 020 7766 8866 from Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm. They can also be emailed on [email protected]

Again, I wish you a happy New Year and continued success in 2018. We look forward to being part of your journey!

Stephen Martin
Director General