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Courses - Open Programme

Role of the Managing Director


Power your potential with this one-day intensive course designed to equip you with practical and pragmatic insight into the role and responsibilities of the managing director.

Whether you are newly appointed or looking to improve your performance with a fresh perspective, our expert course leader will share the latest best practice in strategic leadership with further guidance on accountability, authority and constraints.

Course Benefits

This course provides a unique opportunity to assess your performance and plan your development. Share individual experiences and views with other managing directors and take away practical insights that will enable you to make a real impact in your organisation.

Learning Objectives

By attending this course you will gain the knowledge and skills to: 

  • Identify the different management styles the managing director can adopt
  • Summarise the key responsibilities and core legal duties of a managing director
  • Explain the purpose and elements of a company’s constitution
  • Discuss the key elements of effective corporate governance in relation to the managing director’s role       
  • Analyse the managing director’s key relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Describe the key tasks of the managing director
  • Identify the key elements of being effective as a managing director

Course Leader

Chris Wilkins Chris Wilkins
Track record of growing companies, ex-president Automation Group, CEO Wellington Holdings.

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There are currently no available dates.