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Ringing endorsements for Chartered Director from organisations who have commended the need for directors to have pursued learning and development to more effectively guide their boards and drive forward the success of their organisations. 

Crescent Capital,
Colin Walsh, Managing Director
"The impact of the Chartered Director Programme in terms of the personal development of executives in some of the companies we have backed has been very material. From an investor’s perspective, one is always looking for executives to lead businesses who have a breadth of skills beyond the discipline that they originally majored in; that way they can drive very substantial growth over many years in businesses capable of sustaining such growth. The Chartered Director Programme provides that breadth of expertise in spades; we have seen it make a real difference in companies such as Andor Technology plc where both the CEO and the Sales Director completed the Programme and were awarded Chartered Director status. We consider it one of the best professional training programmes around currently, and proactively encourage executives in some of the other companies we have backed to participate".
Powergen Plc,
Nick Baldwin CDir, Former CEO
"My professional and board career has ranged across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.  I am delighted to write an endorsement for the Chartered Director qualification.  This qualification has provided a solid foundation which has equipped me to lead boards of directors and guide organisations by establishing effective operating and governance frameworks, providing sound strategic decision making and setting high standards of performance.

I am a former CEO of Powergen plc and am now working with a number of organisations.  My current roles include the Chair of the Office for Nuclear Regulation, Chair of the Sanctuary Housing Group, Chair at Public Weather Service Customer Group and Chair of Ambitious About Autism.  I think that being a Chartered Director is relevant for the directors of organisations in all the different sectors of the economy.  Boards have a duty to their stakeholders and there is a clear need to raise their game to ensure that decision making is evidence based and boards are challenged to undertake their stewardship responsibilities in a professional and ethical manner.

I work with other Chartered Directors in my professional life and have recommended the qualification to many colleagues.  I am pleased that there is commitment by UK business, the public and charities sectors in supporting their existing and future talent to grasp the opportunities that the IoD offers to develop effective boards through its programmes and qualifications".
Guernsey Financial Services Commission, Nik van Leuven, Director General “The Commission is firmly of the opinion that the Company Direction Programme leading to qualification as Chartered Director demonstrates commitment to achieve and deliver the highest standards of director professionalism and business practice, which will assuredly enhance corporate governance in the financial services sector, and indeed all corporate activity”.

Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission, Michael Weldon, Director - Supervision

“The Commission expects its licenceholders to be managed by capable and knowledgeable people and to have in place sound corporate governance, which is appropriate to the size and nature of the business. We welcome relevant qualifications, such as those awarded by the Institute of Directors, as an indicator of high standards of professionalism amongst the directors with whom we work.”
Jersey Financial Services Commission, John Harris, Director-General "The ever growing challenges of operating in the corporate and institutional sphere have added considerably to the need for its leaders, and those who aspire to be leaders, to develop the skills and tools needed to steer a successful course. The Commission, which itself requires its regulated community to maintain high standards of governance, has for some time recognised the benefits that can be gained from studying to become a Chartered Director and, on that path, the IoD's Certificate and Diploma in Corporate Direction. The Commission has supported a number of its own directors in doing so." 
Jersey Finance, Geoff Cook, Chief Executive

"Jersey is a leading international finance centre which relies on an expert, high calibre workforce to help sustain this global status. Jersey Finance fully supports professional qualifications such as the IoD's Chartered Directorship which raise the already high standards of corporate governance and ensure best practice is demonstrated."

"A skilled and sophisticated workforce will play an important role in ensuring Jersey remains a leading international finance centre and valued qualifications such as this will help achieve this objective."

Olswang LLP,; Séamas Gray, Partner Olswang LLP Chartered Director provides the unique opportunity to obtain a qualification that allows directors and boards to demonstrate an independent benchmark of professionalism. Olswang is very well placed in helping boards perform within the context of their regulatory requirements and see Chartered Director as an extremely valuable contributor in increasing director effectiveness and further raising standards in the board room. 

Digby Jones highlighted that the Chartered Director programme is one of the positive steps directors can take to address the current concerns regarding governance in the UK.

Chartered Director recognises the demands placed on directors in today's economic climate, and for the first time provides a benchmark of the professional knowledge and experience required to meet shareholders expectations. 

National Association of Pension Funds The NAPF's general intention is to raise the bar of what it expects from boards, and that applies particularly to independent directors who are most closely identified as representing shareholder's interests in companies. In that respect, the NAPF welcomes the Chartered Director qualification which, it believes, will raise the overall standards across boardrooms and, in so doing, help to meet shareholders growing expectations for professional, dynamic and effective boards which encourage sustainable growth in an environment of good corporate governance practice.
Hermes Hermes has for a long time sought to encourage directors to view their role as a professional one. In that context, we believe that the Chartered Director qualification provides a suitable measure of professionalism and commitment to this important role. 
Building Societies Association The standard of corporate governance in the UK is very high. However, many directors are promoted to board level without any formal training for their role and responsibilities. The BSA fully supports the Chartered Director qualification as it provides directors with the necessary skills and understanding required to ensure that they understand their personal responsibilities and liabilities. I would hope that more of our members adopt this qualification as it will inevitably improve the quality of board directors and therefore boards as a whole. 
Investors in People One of the best ways of improving leadership standards in the boardroom is through the Chartered Director award, and we commend it to everyone who aspires to lead in business or already does so. 
The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors We shall be including within our Fellowship guidance an indication that carrying the designation Chartered Director may enhance an application.
Secretary of State for Trade and Industry I attach great importance to high boardroom standards and a professional approach to the role of company director. I therefore warmly welcome the Institute of Directors' work in promoting these objectives through its professional development programmes, its Chartered Director initiative, and publications such as "Standards for the Board".
Department for Education and Skills Our interest is in ensuring that we have in the UK sufficient skilled directors to build and sustain world class businesses. To that end we welcome an approach which promotes high professional standards for directors...
The Centre for Tomorrow's Company …within five years every listed company should have a minimum of two directors who have completed the Chartered Director qualification... Within 10 years every director would have had to completed this qualification or be undergoing it.
USS There is a strong argument that the board and its members should be seen as a learning organisation in a state of continuous change and development. Indeed, if individual directors and the boards on which they serve are to be dynamic, so that their company prospers and grows, time must be set aside for the personal development of each director and of the board as a whole ...USS Ltd is therefore fully supportive of initiatives such as the Institute of Director's 'Chartered Director' professional qualification, which aims to set a benchmark for directors, including non-executive directors, and to raise their professional standards.
Boyden International Limited Creating a professionally accepted framework for excellence has to be good. Good for companies, good for Boards, and good for individual directors. The wider the reach, the wider the spread amongst British business, the better for the economy as a whole. We therefore endorse the value of the Chartered Director qualification for all directors, and applaud the IoD for its initiative. Directors should also consider the value of the qualification as a means by which they can achieve positive differentiation. 
Pensions Management Institute The Pensions Management Institute is pleased to welcome the Chartered Director qualification. In common with the IoD, it recognises that broadening horizons and raising standards are of paramount importance to the continuing successful development of good boardroom practice and governance. 
Institute Of Business Ethics The IBE believe that companies should give information to shareholders on the skills and qualifications of their directors. There should be more board training undertaken. accordingly, as directors attain Chartered Director status it will lead to a greater confidence in their boards. Confidence from stakeholders, which is crucial to any enterprise, comes as boards and companies demonstrate that they do their business ethically. In the long term this leads to trust, and enhanced reputation. 
National Business Angels Network The economic future depends on a highly innovative, growing small business sector. In this highly adaptive world, the very best directors are needed. Chartered Directors will be key to securing that future. 
Lloyds TSB Corporate, Michael Riding, Managing Director For Lloyds TSB Corporate a strong management team is fundamental to the future success of any company. The directors are the key element and we see the Chartered Director qualification as a highly professional programme that will develop and enhance an individual's ability to understand and manage all aspects of their business. 
Association of Investment Trust Companies

A high standard of boardroom practice and corporate governance is vital to earning the trust and confidence of investors. With this in mind, the AITC believes that the Chartered Director qualification from the IoD makes a significant and valuable contribution, and is therefore most welcome.

Royal London Asset Management

The IoD’s learning and development programme provides the necessary development, training and preparation for becoming a director. The Chartered Director qualification is widely acknowledged as the gold standard for demonstrating the suitability and commitment of board directors and raising awareness of their responsibilities, enabling them to uphold standards of corporate governance and to enhance the performance and reputation of their organisations.