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Board development

A view of a board room with a training session in progress through a glass wall

Best practice suggests that boards should continually review their composition and effectiveness to identify not only the individual capabilities across the group of board members, but also to review the qualitative aspects of effectiveness: the dynamics, relationships and overall success of the board as a team.

As the organisation that holds a unique position in the drive towards director professionalism, the IoD is well qualified to help. Our Board Evaluation Services provide practical, relevant and time-effective solutions for the development needs of organisations of all types and in all sectors.

Experts talking to experts: solutions that are tailor-made for your board and its objectives.

Two features of the IoD Board Evaluation Services are specific and exclusive

1. Board level facilitators

All programmes are delivered by people who are not only skilled facilitators, but who have also worked at Board level within organisations ranging from multinational corporates and SMEs, to all sizes of public sector organisations and not-for-profit bodies. 

This ensures that whatever your programme's objectives, you benefit from direct and relevant experience which is recognisable and useful to delegates in their everyday working life.

2. Specific to your organisation's needs

All our programmes can be designed and delivered in a format that's specific to the needs of your organisation and your board of directors. In every case, we will take a thorough brief from you on your requirements and desired outcomes. As an additional benefit, our analysis will often produce valuable new insights that can enrich the value of the programme you undertake. A programme that addresses the specific issues before your board will maximise the value of the process as a learning experience, as well as minimising the demands for time placed on people who are already very busy.

We can cover any desired topic:

Succession - one factor common to all organisations is the need to ensure a pool of talent that is actively groomed to fill senior responsibilities as the opportunities arise. We are often asked to create programmes designed to broaden participants' perspective on the major issues facing the organisation: to take the holistic or directorial view.

Evolution - many companies are faced with the need to make a step change in the way they operate - perhaps when the business has grown from small, informal beginnings to a point where a more structured organisation is appropriate. We can offer an experience-based external perspective that can provide invaluable insights and can also help with implementation.

Reviews - it is often valuable to stand back from day-to-day preoccupations and to take a more strategic view of a business. We can create and facilitate special reviews and workshops at which analysis and debate can suggest fruitful new ways of thinking and operating.

Next step...

To develop board training programme for your organisation, or to find out more information please contact the professional development team to discuss your organisation's needs and goals.

Find out how our partnership with the Sport and Recreation Alliance is improving governance and board effectiveness within the sector.

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