“Kindness is more than a virtue; it serves as a strategic advantage for businesses” Preet Dev, Co-Founder, KinDNAmic

Preet Dev, also known as the kindness curator, is the Co-Founder of KinDNAmic, a company committed to transforming corporate culture by prioritizing employee satisfaction through kindness. Under her leadership, KinDNAmic is at the forefront of promoting kindness and conscious leadership in the business world.

My journey in the corporate world began with an insatiable curiosity and a drive to learn from the people around me. Early in my career, I forged connections with various professionals and absorbed invaluable knowledge from their experiences, which helped me navigate the complexities of the business landscape. Despite facing challenges along the way, such as overcoming personal obstacles and adapting to the fast-paced nature of the industry, my determination to succeed never wavered.

My corporate career started in retail moving through the ranks from shop floor, to reseller, to the B2B market. I soon recognised the disconnect between traditional business practices and the core values of sincerity and kindness. I witnessed how short-term gains and profit maximisation often overshadowed the well-being of employees, customers, and the community at large. This realisation prompted me to reflect on the role of conscious leadership in fostering a more empathetic, compassionate, and sustainable approach to doing business. Kindness is more than a virtue; it serves as a strategic advantage for businesses.

Motivated to bridge this gap, I embarked on a journey to weave kindness and empathy into the fabric of corporate culture. This pursuit led me to explore the teachings of spiritual masters, study conscious leadership and capitalism. I was particularly inspired by Napoleon Hill who explains that every ‘adversity has a seed of benefit, and our job is to find that seed and grow something out of it’.

One of my mentors’, Ian Pelham-Turner, told me that I was the ‘queen of kindness’ and I wanted to do something with that. The same evening, I created a game with my co-founder to help organisations foster kindness into corporate culture. Shortly after, we co-founded KinDNAmic, a company dedicated to transforming how businesses prioritize employee satisfaction and well-being through the power of kindness.

Our vision is to build and develop a global ecosystem of HR and C-suite communities empowered to deliver a collective commitment to the kindness movement. KinDNAmic is an ecosystem suite of tools, but also has a consortium of master educators and experts, who are committed to deliver the future of work as we transition the 4th Industrial Revolution into Industry 5.0. Through curated experiences and support systems these KinDNAmic Ambassadors will advocate and support the creation of happier and more productive workplaces, establishing the “true value” of the workforce of every small medium enterprise and major corporation we interact with.

In 2022 I re-joined the IoD as I was looking for a space to work and connect with like-minded individuals. I was grateful to have the opportunity to join the Entrepreneurs Special Interest Group and explore all that the IoD and 116 Pall Mall space offered me – I found power in sharing my thoughts and ideas with my fellow entrepreneurs and variety of members inspiring each other to achieve great things. I am now on of the leadership team of the IoD Entrepreneur Group where we offer each other credibility and support.

Our mission at KinDNAmic is to build a ‘kinder world’ with a greater sense of belonging, improved collaborative work culture, and reduce a multitude of ills such as corporate burnout by re-programming their human origin with an ecosystem of solutions and the IoD provides me with a great place to build it.

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