Menopause and the workplace

"If performance were affected by symptoms that could be attributed to a different medical condition, there would be far more acceptance and allowances" (Baroness Ros Altmann, A new vision for older workers: Retain, Retrain, Recruit, 2015)

British companies are becoming more open about the health and wellbeing of employees. Many organisations, including the IoD, promote the ethical and economic arguments for challenging taboos surrounding mental health and other debilitating conditions. Yet the transition through the menopause tends not to feature in the national conversation over working conditions. This is unfortunate and makes no business sense. 80% of women aged 45-55 are in work, and all will transition through the menopause. Research explored in this factsheet highlights the feelings of isolation, embarrassment, and frustration which employees experience in workplaces which offer no structured support during the menopause transition.

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