Boardroom culture - the elephant in the room?

Listen to this captivating panel discussion that unveiled the pivotal role of boardroom culture in shaping stakeholder governance and driving sustainable value creation.

Jointly hosted by the IoD Centre for Corporate Governance and Black Sun, this insightful webinar recaps the exploration of the intricate relationship between culture, stakeholder engagement, and long-term business success.

Key highlights:

  • Gain immediate insights into the profound influence of boardroom culture on stakeholder relationships and value generation.
  • Explore the synergy between stakeholder governance and sustainable value creation.
  • Uncover strategies for fostering a positive boardroom culture that aligns with ethical and sustainable business practices.
  • Hear from experts from diverse sectors, each offering a unique perspective on the dynamics of corporate culture and governance.

Discover how boardroom culture shapes business success. Watch the full webinar now!

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