Boardroom 2030 - who should be on your future board?

In March 2022 the IoD Centre for Corporate Governance partnered with B Lab UK to reflect on questions that board members of today should be thinking about when it comes to planning for the boardrooms and companies of tomorrow.

The discussion was led by Charmian Love, Co-Founder of B Lab UK, and Chris Hodge, Senior Advisor at the IoD Centre for Corporate Governance, with esteemed guests Clover Hogan, Executive Director & Founder at Force of Nature, and Jessica Omukuti, Research Fellow on Inclusive Net Zero at Oxford Net Zero.

In this thought-provoking webinar, we explore the visionary campaign, Boardroom 2030, designed to encourage businesses to envision the world in 2030 and simulate boardroom meetings accordingly.

Key discussion points:

  • Boardroom 2030: Understanding its purpose and significance.
  • Envisioning the boardroom of the future: Who will be at the table, and what will be on the agenda?
  • Emphasising the importance of diversity in decision-making.
  • Sustainable practices and their essential role in shaping business strategies.
  • The role of young voices and innovative perspectives in shaping a just and equitable future.

About Boardroom 2030:

Boardroom 2030 is a transformative campaign led by B Lab UK calling on all businesses to host a future-focused boardroom meeting, and to radically reimagine the people, priorities and processes needed to meet today’s challenges.

Don’t miss this chance to explore the possibilities of the future and unlock a new era of responsible business practices.

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