Blockchain and NFTs How these disruptive technologies are shaping the business world

Watch this comprehensive webinar from the IoD Finance and FinTech Group which will provide you with a ‘sound, practical and safe’ introduction to this disruptive technology and the real world applications of blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This webinar will cover points such as:

  • How blockchain and NFTs work – in a non-techie easy to follow way
  • What are the benefits of blockchain for business
  • Some examples of organisations that are investing in this disruptive technology
  • Some real-world examples of how blockchain is changing the business world
  • Different NFTs business use cases
  • How you can use NFTs to add value to your client base
  • Regulatory and legal issues to consider

Speakers include:

  • Lavinia D. Osbourne – an established agent for change in blockchain, an entrepreneur at the vanguard of NFT development and a futurist for the emergent metaverse. Through her work as Founder of WiBT, she has won and been nominated for numerous awards and accolades including a 2021 LinkedIn Top Voice in Tech & Innovation, and Cog X Gender Leadership. Winner 2022. She is also the first person in the world to legally be granted a proprietary injunction by the courts of England and Wales for her 2 x stolen Boss Beauties NFTs, creating case law and setting a legal precedent that now has a direct impact in the way that NFTs are viewed for both tax and insurance purposes. Combining her passionate belief in blockchain’s egalitarian ideals with a commitment to utilising her knowledge, connections and entrepreneurial spirit to bring opportunity for all, Lavinia works tirelessly to break down barriers by raising underrepresented voices.
  • Alan Sellers – CEO and Founder of Your Crypto Coach and the Blockchain Basecamp. Alan is a specialist adviser on the London Chamber of Commerce Experts Panel on Blockchain. His crypto educational videos have had over 3 million views on Tik Tok and his company’s aim to make everyone in the UK ready for blockchain and digital asset future in a ‘sound, practical and safe’ way.
  • Moderator: Yvonne de Ville – Chair of the IoD Finance and FinTech Group

Following the webinar, you will have a much better understanding of blockchain and NFTs, their importance for business and their practical applications.

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