Policy Voice September 2023 Order books, procurement, flexible working and import controls

711 members fed their views in to government in September.

Policy Voice is a monthly poll we send to members, underpinning all of our policy work and  everything we ask for from the government.

The survey consists of roughly ten questions which ask for views on current business issues. We’ll ask questions on relevant policy topics such as the trading relationship with the EU, how businesses are navigating skills shortages, whether firms are planning for net zero, or what views members have on government decisions like HS2.

The data we collect is crucial to our influence work: it is the easiest way we can understand exactly how members feel about different policy developments.

For example, this month we had numerous government requests for feedback. Firstly, the Treasury wanted insight into how easy it is for businesses to sell their products or services to the UK public sector. Secondly, the Cabinet Office asked for views from our members on how they are preparing for upcoming changes to import controls in January. Finally, we present the results of our economic monitoring data to key government stakeholders.

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