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What is the role of the commercial director?

Commercial directors are responsible for planning, developing and implementing commercial strategies to support business development and build on a company’s growth.

By studying current market trends and understanding the industry within which the business operates, commercial directors develop plans to maximise business opportunities.

It is the commercial director’s role, in conjunction with senior managers, to deliver steady and sustainable financial growth for shareholders and stakeholders.

Commercial director job description

The commercial director maximises business growth by developing and implementing commercial strategies based on business targets to support and promote business growth.

The role requires an entrepreneurial mindset, together with strong financial and marketing management skills, organisational abilities and interpersonal qualities.

Success is measured by how the commercial director can expand a company’s commercial activities and generate revenue streams for sustainable financial growth.

What does a commercial director do on a daily basis?

A commercial director’s day-to-day duties include:

  • Understanding market conditions and industry trends, as well as business operations to inform business marketing and sales strategy.
  • Working with the marketing director to plan and execute marketing campaigns to generate new revenue streams and promote business growth.
  • Evaluating the performance of commercial activities through data analysis.
  • Financial management – setting financial targets and ensuring business operations remain within budgets.
  • Working collaboratively across the business with management teams to achieve business goals.
  • Building and maintaining partnerships with key stakeholders.


The responsibilities of a commercial director include:

  • Developing, planning and implementing strategies that align with business goals to promote growth.
  • Conducting market research and analysis to inform business plans on commercial opportunities and understand future threats.
  • Managing relationships with key stakeholders to understand the needs of current customers and devise and implement customer acquisition strategies.
  • Collaborating with departments across the company (marketing, sales, finance).
  • Assisting in setting financial targets and budget development and monitoring.
  • Monitoring the performance of commercial activities using key metrics and reporting back to the senior management team.

What makes a good commercial director?

The commercial director is an influential role with considerable responsibility and input into all aspects of a business’ strategy. As such, the role requires someone who has accumulated years of commercial experience in different business disciplines and has vast knowledge in building and growing scalable products and companies.

With strong analytical and interpersonal skills, the commercial director will offer considerable sector expertise and lead by example to drive creativity and enthusiasm in the team.

A successful commercial director will demonstrate:

  • A blend of commercial awareness, analytical and creative thinking, partnered with a strategic mindset.
  • A deep understanding of business operations, finances, sales and marketing tactics and market conditions.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills to enable them to work collaboratively with key shareholders, both within the business and externally.
  • Experience in developing and implementing successful business growth strategies that align with the corporate aims of the business.
  • In-depth understanding of the sector, market research methods and analysis.
  • Solid knowledge of performance reporting and financial/budgeting processes.
  • Strong attention to detail, time management, organisational and leadership ability to guide the business to achieve business goals.
  • A business qualification – BSc/BA/ MSc/MA in business administration, finance or a relevant field.

How to become a commercial director

To progress to a commercial director requires many years of relevant work experience and the ability to demonstrate success as it is a job with significant responsibility.

A degree in business management, marketing, finance or business administration is a minimum requirement starting point. A master’s degree evidences a deeper understanding of business environments and more industry-specific knowledge.

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