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IoD Central London host the first Special Interest Working group

Last month the Tourism and Hospitality Special Interest Group, led by IoD’s largest branch Central London, launched its first Travel Business Workgroup. A monthly event to encourage IoD members working in the sector to get together, discuss relevant topics and collaborate.

These sessions encourage members to get to know each other, share issues and discuss concrete solutions. “Monthly workgroups allow us to feel part of our community in a much stronger and meaningful way” says Elisabetta Faggiana, Chair for the Travel Special Interest Group. “Our industry has been shattered by the Covid Pandemic and whilst other sectors have managed to get back on their feet, we are still struggling enormously and will continue to do so until International Travel reopens. Many solutions can be taken but the industry needs to act as a united voice and the IoD can play a very important part in supporting directors in this.” The first workgroup was a lively conversation where all members had a chance to introduce themselves and discuss short term business objectives. It was a fantastic opportunity to share goals and challenges, as well as help and support one another. It saw a range of different professions taking part, including Elisabetta Faggiana, Director of Unexpected London, Sarah Wilson, CEO of Ace Travel Management, Jahan Khan, Travel and marketing consultant, Mark Smith – Director at the Brand Strategy, Christopher Babyode – Travel Wellness Advocate, Martin Barrow – prior Chairman of the Hong Kong Tourist Association and Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, Lynne Good – CSR Specialist.

The next business workgroup will take place on 15th June at 5:30 pm and will focus on discussing how we can ensure a safe return to travel in view of the Industry Action Day on 23rd June. After a round of introductions we will be discussing some of the most relevant issues the industry is currently facing and the role the IoD can play in representing its members with Government and the industry. The Action Day is organized by some of the most relevant travel institutions and associations, such as the Business Travel Association, Advantage Travel Partnership, ABTA and Airlines UK, and it urgently demands action from Government for a safe recovery of travel and tourism (both inbound and outbound). If you want to help us raise awareness and be part of the solution join us at our next workgroup on Tuesday 15th June at 5:30 pm here. If you are not an IoD member and would like to join you can take part in up to two sessions and you can do so by contacting Elisabetta Faggiana.

Reena Dayal, acting Chair of IoD Central London emphasises the importance of the SIGs “Special Interest Groups are unique to IoD London region which allows us to support, strengths and develop a thought leadership community created and led by our extraordinary members. More importantly they offer an additional member benefit with initiatives such as the Workgroup meetings. We have growing number of SIGs in London. Their expertise, networks and experience make them well placed to drive the IoD vision to create better directors and be a strong collective in regenerating businesses and our economy. I encourage IoD members and non-members (by joining IoD) to get involved with our SIGs who are poised to grow exponentially.”


Hi all, I wanted to say a big thank you to Elisabetta for organising today’s event, it was a great opportunity to meet our fellow tourism IOD members and discuss all travel relevant issues as we head out of lockdown for good I hope! I hope to see those that couldn’t make it today next time! – Jahan Khan

Thank you both! Very engaging conversation! Look forward to the next one. – Sarah Wilson

Elisabetta thank you for arranging the workgroup. Lovely to have uplifting and forward looking conversations! – Mark Smith 

Looking forward to the next one. – Christopher Babayode

It was great, really enjoyed the conversation and seeing you. – Lynne Good

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