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Open House on the Road

Open House Road Show

Great leadership is needed in turbulent times

The need to innovate through inclusive and unconventional thinking has never been more important. Our showpiece event for business leaders – IoD Open House – is going on the road this year, giving you the chance to learn from, and network with, some of the business world’s greatest thought leaders. With collaborative learning and inspirational presentations to ensure you are well prepared for what’s around the corner, these events are not to be missed.

Choose from events based on three core themes – Global, Connected and Inclusive business – and join the conversation. 

Open House Global

Business is exploration…
trade and expansion to new countries means reaching new customers and markets; the possibility of real growth. Real change is coming for Britain. Business needs to understand how to navigate and adapt to what is set be a whole new world.

Global business

Open House Connected

We’re wired to connect…

the best business happens when the right people are working together to go further and achieve more; that person that challenges you to think differently, learning something new from a mentor, offering a piece of advice to someone starting out.

Connected business

Open House Inclusion

Business is welcome to everyone…
diverse business doesn’t just accept difference, it embraces it. It understands that when there is real difference, we’re challenged to think differently, to collaborate, to innovate and to be better than we were before.

Inclusive business

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For more information, please contact Events Manager on 0207 766 8817 or Email