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Open House, Open Minds Events

Open House Road Show

Shaping the future

In times of change and volatility, with considerable uncertainty facing business, skilled and well-informed leadership has never been more needed. 

Business leaders face a twin knowledge challenge. They know they need to keep up to date on best practice in their sector and meet their legal and regulatory obligations. But, with technology and new trends developing at a rapid pace, they also have to find a way to keep up with areas outside of their immediate knowledge. 

The IoD Open House, Open Minds Roadshow will provide opportunities across the UK t to learn about both the ‘known-unknowns’ and the ‘unknown-unknowns’, with sessions delivered by industry experts and recognised leaders. Each roadshow will give you the chance to learn from, and network with, some of the business world’s greatest thought leaders. With collaborative learning and inspirational presentations to ensure you are well prepared for what’s around the corner, these events are not to be missed.

Choose from events based on three core themes
 – Global, Connected and Inclusive business

More information to be announced soon! 

If you are interested in speaking or contributing content, please contact our National Events Manager
[email protected]

Open House Global

Technology has greatly reduced the importance of physical distance, with huge opportunities for even small companies to sell goods and services across the globe. But while business may be borderless, trade has become a battleground in international politics.  

At this roadshow you'll learn how to navigate this complex world with the help of trade experts and global business leaders with unique perspectives on international issues.

Open House Connected

Business has always been about connections, but there are now more ways to connect than ever before. This also brings challenges, with data an increasingly precious, and vulnerable asset. Expectations of business to communicate have never been higher. 

At the Connected business events you’ll learn how to take up the opportunities created to make the workplace more productive and businesses more effective.  


Open House Inclusion

How can business take account of the diversity of society, appeal to consumers, attract the best staff and communicate successfully? It starts inside the companies with leaders demonstrating that diverse business doesn’t just accept difference, it embraces it.

Join a showcase of experienced leaders that will show how inclusivity drives innovation creates opportunities for growth, as well as preventing unnecessary risks.


How you can be part of IoD Open House?

● Access IoD media platforms throughout the campaign

● Play your part in shaping the content of the events programme

● Make use of the IoD’s joined-up digital and social media channels

● Align your organisation with the IoD’s highly respected research and thought leadership work 

Download our media pack to find out more about the events, the solutions we offer – and the best way for us to help you deliver your engagement strategy in 2020.

Contact us

For more information, please contact Events Manager on 07718584210 or Email
[email protected]