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IoD 1997 Pension Scheme

The Trustees are required to ensure minimum quality standards are adhered to, which includes a requirement for an annual Governance Statement.  The statement includes:

  • A description of the Scheme’s investment strategy, including its aims and objectives and how these are in the best interests of members – the Statement of Investment Principles;
  • A statement that explains how the Trustees are satisfied that core financial transactions are processed promptly and accurately;
  • A report on the level of member-borne charges including investment charges and transaction costs, along with projections to show the impact of charges and costs on fund growth;
  • Details of the Trustees‘ knowledge and understanding’ compared with the Pension Regulator’s requirements; and
  • A ‘value for money’ statement.

A copy of the most recent Governance Statement can be found below.

IoD Statement of Investment Principles September 2020

IoD Implementation Statement September 2020

IoD 1997 Pension Scheme – Chair of Trustees Statement

IoD 1997 Pension Scheme – Statement of Investment Principle