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Courses - Open Programme

Strategic Decision Making


Based on cutting-edge research into how senior teams make strategic decisions, this interactive workshop will equip you with an understanding of the ingredients of effective strategic decision making and provide insights into the main challenges. You will then focus on assessing your own organisation’s competence in strategic decision making and consider the areas you will need to focus on to strengthen this ability.

This workshop looks at all three of what Cliff Bowman called the ‘zones of debate’ and what these mean for directors. It looks at the role of ‘comfortable debate’ – and the limits to its value. 
It looks at the notion of ‘uncomfortable debate’ – with guidance on how to facilitate this. It will also explore the impact of ‘assumptions’ that underpin debate about strategic decisions, and how these are promoted by organisational culture and human behaviour, as well as strategic deliberation.

Course Benefits

Assess your organisation's capability in making strategic decisions and understand what your organisation needs to do to strengthen its strategic decision making capability.

Learning Objectives

By the time you have completed the session, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the ingredients of effective strategic decision making – and some of the key challenges.
  2. Assess your own organisation’s strategic decision making capability and know where this can be strengthened.

Course Leaders

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