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IoD Competency Framework

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The IoD Director Competency Framework, the only framework of this kind for directors, is designed to promote and champion the highest standards of professional competence on the part of directors and equivalent leaders of companies and other organisations.

Based on consultation with high-performing directors and boards, alongside research and best practice distilled from the IoD’s extensive experience of working with senior leaders around the world for more than 110 years, it sets out the knowledge, skills and mind-set that a director needs to perform effectively as a board member.

Within each of the three dimensions (Knowledge, Skills and Mind-Set) you’ll discover a set of core competencies and actionable standards enabling you to assess your strengths, identify areas for performance improvement and plan your professional development.

IoD Director Competency Framework

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Who is the Director Competency Framework designed for and how can it be applied in my organisation?

This framework provides an accessible, measurable and achievable guide to the knowledge, skills and mind-set required to perform effectively as a director and to successfully lead your organisation whatever your sector, industry or location.

Whether you are an aspiring or practicing director, an organisational leader, a member of the board or are responsible for HR and Learning Development within your organisation, the Director Competency Framework may be applied in a number of ways to add value and enhance performance: 

  • Self-assessment to identify areas of strength and define areas for improvement CPD and ongoing learning
  • Career planning and professional development
  • Board evaluation to determine performance and balance of competencies
  • Selection and succession planning for boards seeking new board members
  • Performance measurement and 360° assessment

The Director Competency Framework is built around three dimensions

  1. Knowledge – the director’s understanding and appropriate application of essential practical and theoretical information
  2. Skills – the expertise that a director brings to their role
  3. Mind-set – the attitude and disposition that shapes a director’s responses and behaviour

Each of the 15 competencies is defined by a clear purpose and a set of demonstrable standards

Although experience is an important route to gaining professional competence, the IoD's experience shows that high performing directors take support, guidance and training at various stages of their career.

Competencies may be achieved through a combination of experience and informal learning, as well as through formal training and IoD qualifications.

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