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Tax helpline

Our tax helpline offers free, prompt business and personal tax advice to IoD members, over the telephone.

Some of the topics covered include NIC, PAYE, VAT, Corporation Tax, Inheritance Tax, Income Tax, Stamp Duty and Trusts. This service is an invaluable alternative to lengthy research and expensive fees.

Key details 

  • Exclusive to IoD members
  • Free, unbiased and confidential advice on a vast range of tax matters, both business and personal 
  • Advice given over the telephone only (call charges apply)
  • Up to 25 calls per member, per calendar year

+44 (0)1455 639 110

A rolled up HMRC document

Typical questions

"I anticipate that my business will make a trading loss in the current year. Is there any way this loss can be anticipated and taken into account for payments of Corporation Tax falling due shortly?"

"We are an employment agency and we have workers that work at various locations. One employee says he should be entitled to tax relief on his travel. Is this correct?"

"I have a 30 per cent share in my company and want to sell. Do I have any tax relief options?"

"We have just taken on an employee on a part-time basis who is a pensioner. Is it correct that there is no National Insurance Contribution liability?"

"I have a property that I wish to donate to charity. If I pass the property directly to the charity, will the charity be able to claim the tax credit from the Inland Revenue in the normal way?"

Contact us

+44 (0)1455 639 110 

* Please quote ref CRT33337

Opening hours

9am-5pm, Monday-Friday, excluding UK public holidays

How the service operates