The Education Landscape - A Guide for Employers

The IoD has partnered with the Gatsby Foundation to support the development of ‘The Education Landscape: A Guide for Employers’.

The Guide includes a clear, short overview of the education system, and concise information about the education and skills opportunities that businesses can engage with, and their benefits.

For businesses that want to be more involved in the education landscape, the Guide suggests supporting students through work experience or a longer-term work placement. Apprenticeships also allow businesses to provide work-based learning and are a great way to develop motivated and qualified employees. Businesses may also want to support high-quality teaching through providing new equipment and expert masterclasses. Expert guidance from business leaders is always welcome in shaping the education landscape, with the guide encouraging interaction between local government, education institutions and business.

The Guide also explains how the government has been working with employers to change technical education, so it can better meet skills needs – including the introduction of T Levels and Higher Technical Qualifications.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities highlighted in the Guide, you can find more detailed insight into each opportunity and how to get involved in the accompanying resource, The Education Landscape Index.

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