Consultancy Project Opportunities for Leeds Business School Business Students to assist your organisation

Students to assist your organisation

It’s sometimes hard to find the resource for important but relatively complex tasks. Like the costly process which needs investigating. Or perhaps, just taking time out to research a potential new market or plan the strategic direction of a business unit or initiative. Talented students from Leeds  Undergraduate Business programmes could be the ideal solution. As part of their studies, students have the opportunity to work as “consultants” with commercial, public sector or charitable organisations on specific strategic projects. This is a key opportunity for students to demonstrate their strategic and entrepreneurial business insights in applying the theory they have acquired, during their undergraduate study at Leeds Business School, to a ‘real life’ business problem/challenge.

The key benefit for your organisation is that you will receive quality consultancy advice for free, backed up by the experience of academics acting as supervisors for each of the projects.

If you wish to discuss an area of your business that you would like students to investigate and identify a solution(s) then please contact Natalie Allen at: [email protected]

To help prepare for the initial meeting please could you provide the following example of an initial brief:

1. Organisation Name:

Joules Wine Ltd

2. Key Contact Name:

3. Contact Details:

[email protected]

4. Type of Consultancy Project:

Group UG project

5. Short introduction to the organisation

Joules’s wine is a small online wine business focused on natural, organic and sustainable wines. Producing curated monthly boxes of wine – complete with digital tasting notes and a wine tasting glossary – no subscriptions or ties.

Joules’s Wine is place for wine enthusiasts and wine lovers. It’s for the ‘every day’ normal person that loves a glass of good wine, minus any of the pretentious jargon. Aiming to be the go-to destination for delicious Natural and Organic wines, delivered direct to door. A fun and relaxed place for people to share their love of wine, without the judgement or stuffiness that comes with stereotypical wine tasting. With a key focus on sustainability, everything we do at Joules’s wine is focused on a minimal impact on the planet.

6. Outline of opportunities or problems faced by your organisation where you feel there is potential benefit from consultancy investigation

Peoples perception of natural wines and the price point of most natural wines.

7. Aim of the project (what specifically would you like the group to research to identify a solution?)

-Consumer perception (potential barriers to purchase)

8. Objectives of the project (what are the outcomes of the project you are seeking?)

-A better understanding of consumer perception around wines like these

-An understanding of UK wine market in relation to organic wine

– Develop social media strategy to increase awareness of Joules wine

9. Suggested area(s) of focus for one or more UG project(s)

 Current competition

 How people feel about the wine industry in general

 What most people’s opinion is on natural and organic wines

 How my offering could be adjusted to suit consumer needs in the future

 How to increase web traffic

 How to increase repeat purchase.

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