IoD Scotland Director of the Year Leadership Series - Thought Leadership

Join us online for the first of IoD Scotland’s leadership workshop with our headline sponsor and winner of the Young Director of the Year category for 2022.

Through sharing practical insights – “been there; done that” … this session will help leaders take stock and review their own priorities and performance.

Delivered by Lesley Gilmartin, Director LHH and Kathryn Strachan, Director of the Year - Young 

Whether starting a new business, re-aligning an existing business or dealing with the on-going structural and cultural developments of running a business in 2022, how do leaders take time, take stock and ensure that the business is all that it can be.  

In this session, Lesley and Kathryn will share information and insights into how leaders can balance the demands of success today with the planning for success tomorrow – basically, getting the vision off the page to making it reality, and what can more established business learn from the new guys?

Being clear: being bold – there is no doubt that clarity of vision, mission, strategy etc is critical to any business.

When leading a business, how do you ensure that:

  • These are strong enabling foundations (and not just posters on the wall)?
  • These are lived and breathed, and delivered, every day by everyone?

Review and stretch – ensuring the business is ready for anything.  How do you lead a business in such a way that the core (what ever that is for your business) is secure and future plans are ambitions are agile around it?  

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