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Caroline Frazer

Caroline Frazer, IAS Adviser

Managing Bereavement Adviser

Caroline Frazer joined the IoD Advisory Service in 2018.

Caroline provides advice on managing bereavement in the workplace, concerning both grieving employees and death at work.

Bereavement affects each individual differently, meaning that successfully managing a bereaved employee’s return to work is a unique challenge. It requires not just an awareness of the emotional needs of the grieving employee, but also of the challenges facing the line manager.

There is an optimal time for a person’s return to work and structure of that reintroduction: too quick and blunt, and the employee can end up either on long-term sickness or simply unproductive. Too long and hands-off, and the employee can become adrift and isolated. There is an optimal point and method. Caroline draws on her experience of coaching in organisations and counselling bereaved people to facilitate a return that works for both parties. A phone consultation will help employers identify the key dos and don’ts of managing a return to work and become aware of the options.

Caroline is a supervisor for the national bereavement care charity, Cruse Bereavement Care. She holds a Master’s in career management and counselling from Birkbeck, and Bachelor’s degrees in psychology (Open) and modern languages (Bristol).

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