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Those writing the history books for 2019 will not be short of material. While this provides plenty of room for heated debate, for business there is one thing lacking – certainty.

Be it the outcome of Brexit, fluctuations in global economies or new rules around pensions or digital tax returns - challenges and questions abound. At the IoD we recognise that these are not ‘normal’ times and, if the heart of the UK economy is to keep beating strongly, then support, knowledge and guidance is fundamental. Only businesses that are up to date, have their finger on the pulse and are well connected will thrive.

Over the coming weeks and months we will bring you the latest news on how Brexit may impact your business, resources to help you adapt to changing regulations, opportunities to connect with like-minded business leaders and the tools you and your workforce need to turn uncertainty into opportunity.

While no one can predict the future, we have just what business needs to flourish in times like these because, whatever the circumstances, here at the IoD – We Back Business.

Business Planning for Brexit guide

Business Planning for Brexit guide

The IoD’s Europe and Trade team, led by Allie Renison, has authored Business Planning for Brexit, a guide covering a wide range of areas that are likely to impact you and your company.

As well as exploring the three key business topics of goods, services, and people, the document provides a list of upcoming Brexit milestones to look out for and a checklist of questions your business should investigate.

View the guide


The impact of Brexit on your business

Brexit has been a cause of great uncertainty for UK businesses. The fact remains that a limited number of outcomes are more likely. But whatever happens, it will happen to the business you are responsible for.

Be certain about every aspect of your business, and you will be best positioned for whatever challenges and opportunities Brexit presents.

See the impact

Brexit implications for cyber security and data protection

Brexit implications for cyber security and data protection

The UK is now less than one month away from its date of departure from the European Union.

The current lack of a definitive answer as to whether the UK will leave on a ‘Deal’ or ‘No Deal’ basis means that the implications of Brexit for cybersecurity and data protection issues cannot be stated with certainty.

Learn the implications

IoD Business and Politics Round-Up

The political career of Nigel Farage appears to be undergoing a renaissance of late, and his 'Brexit Party' is top of the charts, according to a recent YouGov poll, reported in The Times.

Change UK, another new party, comprised of former Labour and Conservative MPs, tallied far behind on 6 per cent in the poll, though it previously reported that it had signed up over 3,000 applicant candidates for the upcoming European Elections.

Whether or not the European elections next month will indeed bring about a refashioning of the political landscape is however far from certain at this stage.

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IoD Open House Roadshow

IoD Open House on the road

The need to innovate through inclusive and unconventional thinking has never been more important. Our showpiece event for business leaders – IoD Open House – is going on the road this year, giving you the chance to learn from, and network with, some of the business world’s greatest thought leaders. With collaborative learning and inspirational presentations to ensure you are well prepared for what’s around the corner, these events are not to be missed.

Choose from events based on three core themes – Global, Connected and Inclusive business – and join the conversation.

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