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Courses - Open Programme

Role of the Trustee


The contribution of charities and other non-for-profit organisations is of crucial importance to both the economy and society. With key responsibility for governing and directing the organisation, the role of the Trustee has never been more important. Trustees play a vital role and must therefore be aware of all the obligations and challenges their duty entails.

This highly practical course is especially designed to provide you with a clear understanding of good governance and the key aspects of running a charity. You will gain both the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that your organisation complies with the law and meets its aims effectively, ultimately enhancing the delivery of the mission as well as the welfare of your beneficiaries and of your donors.

Course Benefits

On completion of this one day programme you will leave with a profound understanding of the key ethical and legal issues every not-for-profit body has to face. You will: 

  • Be able to improve your board’s efficiency and make better strategic decisions that ensure a transparent use of resources, maximising your organisation’s contribution to the public benefit
  • Understand how to better manage public relations and improve your organisation’s reputation and accountability
  • Gain an understanding of governance standards and models that you can apply to improve the relationship with all of your stakeholders (including donors and beneficiaries)
  • Fully grasp the responsibilities of a trustee, including liabilities and possible conflicts of interest, and receive fresh insight on the legislation regulating charities and fundraising
  • Benefit from the expertise of valuable course leaders with years of experience at board level, both in the charitable sector and in the corporate world, who will use real-life examples and case scenarios to stimulate discussion

Learning Objectives

Taking part in this course will enable you to:

  • Understand the relationship between a trustee and the executive management, regulators, beneficiaries and members of the charity
  • State the board’s role and key tasks – and the hallmarks of an effective board
  • Clearly recognise the potential liabilities of being a trustee and understand how to mitigate those risks
  • Recognise best boardroom practice as expressed in governance codes for both the charitable and corporate sectors, and guidance from the Charity Commission
  • Understand the complexity of the board’s role and how to assess its effectiveness
  • Tackle ethical dilemmas with greater awareness of best practice and governance responsibilities
  • Increase their awareness of the skills needed to successfully manage a charity, and understand when and where to seek additional guidance

Course Leaders

Paul Munden Paul Munden
Commercial law barrister and chairman of the National Youth Music Theatre. Paul has worked with officers at the highest levels of the NHS, the Department of International Development and others.

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