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Courses - Open Programme

Role of the Finance Director


In an increasingly competitive and regulatory environment, the demands on the modern finance director continue to evolve. As financial custodian and enabler of commercial business strategy, the finance director is a key member of the board of directors.

Whether you are newly appointed, aspiring to the role, or looking to improve your performance with fresh insight, this practical course will equip you with the essential knowledge to fulfil the role successfully.

Learn how to balance the demands of this crucial and complex role, and ensure that financial strategies support the broader corporate aims of the business.

Course Benefits

This course provides a unique opportunity to gain a clearer insight into your boardroom responsibilities, how to fulfil them effectively and how to improve your personal contribution. It will also enable examination of your ability to inspire change, act as a strategic adviser and build a high performing team environment.

Learning Objectives

By attending this course you will gain the knowledge and skills to:  

  • Illustrate the expanding role of the collaborative FD/CFO as a board member and how it relates to the board's core responsibilities, duties and focus in times of challenge and disruption.
  • Differentiate between the key competencies and skills required to become an agent for transformation and unlock business value.
  • Appraise the key enablers required to shift how finance operates to drive sustainable success.
  • Examine the areas that underpin the shift to being a strategic advisor to the business.
  • Examine the FD/CFO's role in driving and inspiring change and innovation, gaining buy-in and managing stakeholders effectively.
  • Consider the core leadership competencies to thrive in volatility.
  • Illustrate the importance of building diverse teams through trust, purpose and culture.

Course leaders

Talita Ferreira Headshot637594523619296485

Talita Ferreira
Talita is an experienced C-Suite executive, non-executive director, entrepreneur, consultant, published author and international speaker with more than 22 years of corporate experience with global brands, including KPMG, Investec Bank, and BMW.

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Dates & Prices

Adobe Connect, Virtual Classroom
19 Nov 2021 09:00 - 17:00
880.00 GBP + VAT - Member Rate 2021
1155.00 GBP + VAT - Non Member Rate 2021

Adobe Connect, Virtual Classroom
04 Jul 2022 09:00 - 17:00
880.00 GBP + VAT - Member Rate 2022
1155.00 GBP + VAT - Non Member Rate 2022

Adobe Connect, Virtual Classroom
11 Aug 2022 09:00 - 17:00
880.00 GBP + VAT - Member Rate 2022
1155.00 GBP + VAT - Non Member Rate 2022

Adobe Connect, Virtual Classroom
28 Nov 2022 09:00 - 17:00
880.00 GBP + VAT - Member Rate 2022
1155.00 GBP + VAT - Non Member Rate 2022

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