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Courses - Open Programme

Role of the Executive PA


The role of the Executive PA has never been more pivotal to the effectiveness of the director and board. This course combines over 100 years of experience developing business leaders across all sectors with a unique understanding of how critical the role of the Executive PA is to ensuring effective leadership and driving tangible business improvements.

The course will cover the following areas.

Working with directors and the board:
- Understanding corporate governance
- The features of a company
- Roles and responsibilities of directors and Executive PAs
- The purpose and structure of the board

Key ideas and approaches to strategic direction:
- Defining strategy from the Executive PA's perspective
- The strategy making process
- Strategic analysis and models used by your director
- Formulating the strategy
- Strategy development and implementation as an Executive PA

Corporate finance:
- Sources and instruments of corporate finance
- Demystifying financial terminology and jargon
- Constructing an Income Statement and Balance Sheet
- Analysis of your own company’s financial statements

Leading the organisation:
- Examination of culture and values and how the Executive PA can apply them to strategy, aims and objectives
- The techniques, tools and resources needed to deliver corporate strategy
- Organisational design
- Aiding effective leadership
- The Executive PA’s role in managing change

Course Benefits

Increasingly, the Executive PA is taking on more responsibilities that have a direct impact on the success of the organisation. In recognition of this, the programme covers four essential areas: corporate governance, finance, strategy and leadership, to broaden your understanding of the role and responsibilities of the board.

You will benefit from the expertise of three course leaders during the programme. Janet Ashford, the lead facilitator, has over 15 years experience as an Executive PA to directors in legal and auditing firms. The corporate governance and finance sections of the programme will be delivered by two specialist course leaders, Paul Munden and Jean Pousson. Both of our course leaders have a wealth of experience leading organisations within the private and public sectors, to give you unique insight into the needs of directors and senior management.

Learning Objectives

By attending this course you will be equipped with: 

  • Increased knowledge of the key duties, roles and legal responsibilities of your director
  • Improved understanding of vital financial terms and concepts
  • An appreciation of the elements that make up an organisation’s financial strategy
  • Confidence to support your director when handling financial accounts and interpreting reports
  • The ability to discuss strategic issues confidently with directors at board level
  • The knowledge to aid your director and the board in setting corporate objectives and defining mission, vision and values
  • Techniques, tools and resources that will enable you to improve your director’s ability to lead the organisation
  • An opportunity to explore your current working relationships with directors and senior management, and identify ways to manage more effectively
  • An action plan with realistic objectives that will enable you to broaden your Executive PA role

Course Leaders

 Paul Munden Paul Munden
Commercial law barrister and former general counsel of Business Link. Clients include Royal Dutch Shell and NHS.

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 Debora Morton Dare Deborah Morton-Dare
Qualified chartered accountant, extensive experience in corporate finance as a financial consultant and company director. Speaker and writer.

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 Janhavi Dadarkar Janhavi Dadarkar
Expert on commercial transactions, company law, corporate governance and intellectual property.

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 David Joel David Joel
Former Director Serco Defence. Clients include MoD, Office Depot, Mainetti, Commerzbank and Skanska.

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 Jean Pousson Jean Pousson
Experienced management consultant, coach and board director leading change initiatives.

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