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Courses - Open Programme

Inspirational Leadership


This programme provides a unique opportunity to revitalise your leadership approach and learn how to share your vision, instil confidence and build a motivating company culture.

Over two days of inspiring and interactive case studies, you will evaluate your leadership style and assess your existing and potential strengths using a comprehensive strengths inventory.

This practical approach will enable you to develop a blend of techniques to complement your personal traits and drive motivation and buy in from your stakeholders, improve your team’s performance and confidently lead your organisation through times of change.

Join our expert course leader Anna Bateson at our next programme and find the inspiration to move your company forward.

Course Benefits

  • Learn how to evaluate and improve your personal leadership style
  • Receive feedback to elaborate a strengths-based personal development
  • Learn how to enhance your credibility and develop a committed organisation
  • Understand how to provide your employees with the big picture, communicate the purpose and meaning of your company’s goals and promote a feeling of inclusion

Learning Objectives

Participation on this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Consider the social and political environment in which you operate
  • Establish how your organisational context is likely to change
  • Review your preferred way of operating in that environment
  • Consider the appropriateness of your responses to real leadership dilemmas
  • Develop an approach for creating true engagement
  • Share your commitment to reflect on and apply your learning

Course Leaders

Anna Bateson Anna Bateson
Anna Bateson works with global business leaders from multiple sectors, helping develop and lead strategy. Clients include listed and SMEs.

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Dates & Prices

There are currently no available dates.