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Courses - Open Programme

Future Directors


This programme introduces senior leaders to the role of the director and enables them to gain an understanding of the effective director’s mind-set, while practising some of the key skills and behaviours that drive high-performing boards.

Designed to help delegates identify the director competencies they already have, and the ones they need to develop to progress to board-level, the programme builds confidence and provides a practical foundation for future learning. It also offers valuable peer-networking opportunities.

This three-day course provides all the support and inspiration you need to shift your skills and behaviours to successfully make the transition from manager to director. This engaging and highly interactive programme provides the perfect environment in which to take the crucial next steps towards your first director position.

As well as learning support during and after your time on the course, the Future Directors programme also includes a year’s membership with the IoD at associate level. This will allow you to take your learning further, and to benefit from exclusive member benefits and discounts over the next twelve months..

Key Benefits

Alongside practical knowledge, skills and mind-set, the Future Directors course aims to increase your confidence in making important business decisions, handling queries and conflicts that may arise within senior management teams and – most importantly – putting yourself forward for new opportunities and roles that will enhance and further your career as a director.

To do this, your course leaders and fellow delegates will provide you with regular feedback, and reflective and consolidated learning will encourage your next steps towards the boardroom.

You’ll be given the chance to create a professional development plan and actively plot the next steps in your learning journey, as influenced by your time on this programme.

The Future Directors course is delivered to a small-sized group to ensure you receive an intimate and tailored learning experience, with personalised advice and guidance throughout.

Learning Objectives

By attending this course you will gain the knowledge and skills to:

  • Identify the five key competencies that should inform a director’s mind-set and explain their value
  • Use the results of a diagnostic tool to identify their own strengths and development needs in the context of the director’s role
  • Develop a personalised plan for their professional development to gain the key skills and experiences necessary to perform effectively at board level
  • Explain the critical importance of the ‘tone at the top’ and the ways in which directors can influence culture, values and ethics in the boardroom, and how these guide the organisation’s strategic direction
  • Describe the importance of balancing self-awareness with awareness of others while managing their responses appropriately
  • Evaluate the ways directors might seek to positively influence cultural change to effectively implement governance best practice

Course Leaders

Charles Kingsmill iod course leader

Charles Kingsmill
Charles is a qualified Chartered Accountant. He has been a Finance and Systems Director in the US and European Head of Strategic Development, working with the board on a wide range of strategic, marketing and financial issues.

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Gerard Hargreaves
Broadcaster, author and expert in exec development. Clients include JP Morgan, Coca-Cola and civil service.

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Dates & Prices


Date: 9 – 11 December 2019
Location: Cambridge
Price: £3,295


Date: 4 – 6 November 2019
Location: Surrey
Price: £3,995

Please contact our training team on 020 7766 2601 or email for any questions and to book.

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