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CPD - Open Programme

IoD South CPD - Professional Director Series, Oxford

17 Sep 2020 09:00 - 17:00
Oxford Castle


IoD Professional Director Series | CPD in your region

The IoD is here to help you be the best leader you can be. Whether you’ve been a director for days or decades, there is always something new to discover about the role, your responsibilities, and the business world around you. In an economy that’s changing by the day, it’s never been more important to be on top of your game with professional development. 

To help you understand your role as a director, and future-proof your board and organisation, we’ve developed our Professional Director Series – bringing accessible and digestible CPD to your region on the topics that matter. The whole series – wherever you are in the UK - is mapped to the IoD Director Competency Framework, keeping your learning relevant, up-to-date and in line with your professional development ambitions. Whether you’re embarking on the Certificate in Company Direction or are a qualified Chartered Director, this CPD series is the perfect accompaniment – or refresher – to your existing knowledge.

You’ll also be part of a group of leaders from organisations of all shapes and sizes across your region, giving you the opportunity to connect, learn from each other, share your setbacks and successes, and encourage each other at the most senior level. 

Learn more about the Professional Director Series, including dates, venues and agendas here.

Course attendees can either register for a morning session or the full day.


Date and location

Session 1
(morning session)

Session 2
(afternoon session)

Full Day
(morning and afternoon sessions)

17th September 2020

Malmaison, Oxford 

'Step to the Top' - are you Board Ready?
The Top Five Things Every Director Must Know
(9am - 12.30pm)

£140 for members
£240 for non-members
(including lunch)

Inspiring Change
Strategic Decision-Making
(1.30pm – 5pm) 

Full Day CPD session
(9am – 5pm)

£249 for members
£349 for non-members


CPD Workshop Details 

'Step to the Top' - Are you Board Ready? - Morning Course 1

This workshop will enable the participants to determine whether they are ready (and willing!) to take the step to the boardroom.  Sometimes people often find themselves presented with the opportunity to become a board member on the basis of either being good at something else (e.g. perhaps at being a senior manager, an accountant or an engineer perhaps) or often by accident! Often, no consideration is given to whether they are board-ready or capable.

This interactive workshop explores the duties and obligations that delegates will face as board directors. Additionally, this workshop will also discuss the personal characteristics and traits that are required of an effective board member. As part of this workshop, delegates will also delve into the critical differences between being a director in an organisation and a manager in an organisation. 

The workshop is delivered by experienced board directors who, drawing on their personal experiences, will provide the delegates with a practical insight into life as a board member of both large and small companies. The workshop will also provide the delegates who wish to make the leap to the boardroom with signposting to areas where they may get further support and training in order to develop into confident and effective board members.

Having completed this session, the delegate should be able to:

1. Assess whether they are ready and/or willing to meet the challenge of becoming a board director.
2. Identify the gaps in their knowledge and expertise, and understand how they need to develop in order to become a confident and effective director.

The Top Five Things Every Director MustKnow - Morning Course 2

This interactive workshop will enable you to distinguish the role of a director from the roles of other actors involved in the management and oversight of a business, and explore the link between a director’s duty towards the company and their potential personal liability. 

This practical session will explore the top five things every director must know, looking at the following questions:

1. Who is a director?
2. What do directors do?
3. What authority does a board have?
4. What personal liabilities do directors have?
5. What is a conflict of interest?

Having completed this session, the delegate should be able to:

1. Distinguish the role of a director from those of the other actors involved in the management and oversight of an organisation. 
2. Understand the link between a director’s duty towards the company and their potential personal liability as directors.

Inspiring Change for Sustained Success - Afternoon Course 1

The change statistics are against organisations. 70% of change projects still fail (McKinsey 2015), and 67% of strategic initiatives fail (Harvard Business review 2017). Some of the most common themes for failure are management support, employee resistance to change and cultural barriers that slow down change efforts. Irrespective of the type of change being implemented, for example, organisational change, leadership change, strategic change or digital transformation the challenges remain the same.

It is essential to know why change projects traditionally fail and how to avoid these failures. By changing the focus from a process, top-down orientation to output and impact-based focus can make all the difference to unlock success. Organisations do not change. As directors, we need to inspire people to become change-ready, change their behaviours and inspire lasting change. 

This workshop will also explore the difference between change resistance and change readiness with recommendations to drive impactful, sustainable change.

Having completed this session, the delegate should be able to:

1. Explain why change projects traditionally fail
2. Differentiate between traditional change management and the new focus required for sustainable, effective change
3. Illustrate the difference between change readiness and change resistance

Strategic Decision Making - Afternoon Course 2


The aim of this workshop is to equip participants with an understanding of the ingredients of effective strategic decision-making and provide insight into the main challenges. Having done this, the workshop provides participants with a way of assessing their own organisation’s competence in strategic decision-making and identifying the areas to focus on to strengthen this ability.

The workshop looks at all three of what Cliff Bowman called the ‘zones of debate’ and what these mean for directors. It looks at the role of ‘comfortable debate’ and the limits to its value. It looks at the notion of ‘uncomfortable debate’ with guidance on how to facilitate this. It will also explore the impact of ‘assumptions’ that underpin debate about strategic decisions, and how these are promoted by organisational culture and human behaviour as well as strategic deliberation.

This workshop is based on academic research and the book ‘Strategic Decision Making’, which focus on how senior teams make strategic decisions.

Having completed this session, the delegate should be able to:

1. Identify the ingredients of and challenges around effective strategic decision-making
2. Understand what their organisation needs to do to strengthen its strategic decision-making capability


Advance members please note that you have access to CPD as part of your membership through the Advance Directors Skills Day. Please contact the Advance team if you have any questions regarding Advance Directors CPD Days.

Course Leader

Damon Clark CDir

Business experience
Damon Clark was a founder of the Brandwidth Group an International Marketing Services business with offices in Windsor, London and California. The Group was sold to an AIM listed Company in 2018. 

An experienced dealmaker, Damon specialises in creating new businesses and value through start-ups, merger, joint venture and acquisition. He has then sold many of these businesses.

As a marketeer he used his skills to work with the biggest Companies in the World; Apple in Technology, Toyota in Passenger Vehicles, Inter-Continental Hotels in Hospitality, Visa in Finance and Japanese Tobacco in Tobacco & E-Cigarettes. 

He holds a portfolio of Non-Executive director positions and has in the past held roles in local Government and various Charities. 

He has sat on many Boards and Board committees driving Shareholder value and better Governance using a mix of entrepreneur perspective, director skills, practical experience, risk management, operating knowledge as well as acting as a mentor and using his wide-ranging senior contacts.

Professional credentials and training experience
Damon is a Chartered Marketer and Chartered Director and regularly speaks about leadership at conferences and events, and guest lectures for a range of organisations and business schools. 

Course Benefits

Learning Objectives

Course Leaders


140.00 GBP + VAT - Members: morning session
240.00 GBP + VAT - Non-Members: Morning Session
249.00 GBP + VAT - Members: Full Day
349.00 GBP + VAT - Non-Members: Full Day

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Course Location
  • Malmaison Hotel Oxford
  • Oxford Castle
  • 3 New Rd
  • Oxford
  • OX1 1AY