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Courses - Open Programme

Coaching Skills for Directors


This course is an introduction to coaching. It looks at various coaching models and techniques, to ensure effectiveness both at an individual as well as organisational level. Delegates will gain a deeper understanding of their own coaching style, thus enabling them to develop skills and create a real performance improvement with the people that they coach.

Therefore, whether you are looking at using coaching skills to improve the performance of your direct reports, introduce it into your organisation, or identify some of the key skills required if you are thinking of becoming an executive coach in the future, this course will provide a useful overview.

Course Benefits

This course is aimed at directors, senior executives and aspiring directors, who want to improve their own performance and that of their organisation through the use of a focused approach to coaching.

Learning Objectives

Participation on this course will enable you to: 

  • Recognise and understand the effects of coaching on both your people and organisation
  • Define your current coaching style and approach to direction and leadership
  • Develop extensive ways of using coaching to support organisational effectiveness
  • Create a performance improvement approach to business through creating a coaching culture
  • Maximising the effectiveness of both internal and external coaching provision 

Course Leaders

Gerard Hargreaves Gerard Hargreaves
Broadcaster, author and expert in exec development. Clients include JP Morgan, Coca-Cola and civil service.

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This course is available on demand and can be provided as in-house training. Please contact our training team for further information.

020 7766 2601

Training team