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SkillsBuild Reignite

The IoD is proud to be working with IBM in launching IBM SkillsBuild Reignite, to provide learning opportunities and coaching to new collar job seekers, entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them adapt their professional, entrepreneurial and technical skills to a post-pandemic world.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, we’re grateful to have been in constant contact with members, directors, and those who rely on the IoD for business advice, guidance and development. Your feedback has helped shaped the way the IoD has offered support over recent months, and made us more determined than ever to be a voice for and alongside our members in the future.

We know first-hand the effects that uncertain times can have on businesses and directors, and to help you stay focused, motivated and moving forward, IBM has built SkillsBuild Reignite to help people find new careers in technology and to help business owners gain new skills so they can continue to thrive. The IoD is pleased to be involved in bringing this initiative to our member community and beyond - success, after all, relies on people helping people.

IoD members can gain direct access to SkillsBuild Reignite here for a range of free learning opportunities and resources, from the IoD and other partners, to help you develop further as a director - as we all know, better directors build better businesses. We'll also be running a webinar series in partnership with IBM, bringing you experts from both organisations on a variety of topics - the first being mental health in October - check back soon for more information.

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SkillsBuild Reignite seeks to provide


New Skills

SkillsBuild Reignite can help job seekers learn digital and professional skills with courses and training offered though their SkillsBuild Reignite program.


Innovative ways of working

SkillsBuild Reignite offers coaching on today’s business practices, including agile, design thinking, and virtual collaboration, as well as communication and presentation skills.


Business Strategies

Experts can help business owners develop the best strategies to overcome short- and long-term challenges, whether they’re local or global.

SkillsBuild Reignite offers

Job seekers & other learners can

  • Access to resources to help with professional development enhancing your skills for your current job, and gaining the skills needed for a tech job, such as a cyber security analyst

Business owners, including entrepreneurs can

  • Learn more about business and digital strategy, both short and longer term
  • Browse select links to government and industry websites
  • Find online guides, courses and webinars
  • Access volunteer coaches to discuss personal development and business challenges

SkillsBuild Reignite and IoD logos

“At IBM we believe that the world needs more learning aligned to business needs, which in turn leads to employment at competitive wages. With the disruption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the increasing competition in the job market and an increasing digitally enabled work environment, the reskilling of the UK’s workforce for the economy of the future has become even more urgent. Organisations need to work together to make this happen. At IBM, we are excited to be working with the Institute of Directors in order to launch SkillsBuild Reignite.”

Vikki Bradney-Spencer, CSR Lead, IBM UK

Find your success

If you're a director, business owner or job seeker, visit IBM SkillsBuild Reignite today to create the next chapter in your career through learning experience, and community.

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Webinar Series: The Effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Mental Health at Work

Businessman working on laptop

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses and individuals worldwide to adapt to new ways of working, sometimes to the detriment of workers' mental health. The first webinar will focus on how mental health is changing our approach to work during the pandemic; both continued home working and the prospect of returning to the physical workplace environment.

Join this webinar to hear a balance of views: both from the perspective of mental health expert Faye McGuinness, from leading mental health charity Mind, as well as IBM's resident Mental Health First Aiders - Paul Baxter and Andie Blackwell.

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Find your success...

If you're a director, business owner or job seeker, visit IBM SkillsBuild Reignite today to create the next chapter in your career through learning experience, and community.

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