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Brendan Byrne

Every course leader brings a unique wealth of insights from within the boardroom and wider business community to the programmes they deliver; the IoD gives you exclusive access to their expertise.

IoD course leader


Business experience

Brendan Byrne is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland with over 25 years experience in supporting the strategic development of small and medium enterprises.  He trained with KPMG where he worked on a wide variety of assignments including a number in viticulture and aircraft leasing, reinforcing his broad range of skills, adaptability and financial engineering expertise.  After leaving KPMG he has worked across Europe and the US in manufacturing, waste management, technology, retail and FMCG.  He has been a director of a number of large manufacturing companies and has mentored a number of national award winners.

Professional credentials and training experience

Brendan holds a degree in Accounting & Finance from DCU  and a range of other qualifications including certificates in Training and Development, Aircraft Acquisition and Finance, Operations Management, Investment Analysis, UK and Irish GAAP together with Diplomas in Financial Advice and IT in Accounting.  He has lectured extensively for Professional Bodies and Third Level Institutes with whom he has developed and presented on MBAs and post graduate programmes - both traditionally and in a blended manner.  He has supervised numerous level 9 dissertations.  Brendan works with a number of examination teams within  the Professional Institutes and has been an examiner for the last 5 years.

Brendan works extensively with Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) to provide support through training and mentoring to Small and Medium enterprises and has represented LEOs on a number of national development bodies around access to finance and company law development.  This has resulted in him being in great demand from LEO clients.